Test: Lumia 930

Keep Lumia 930 effectiveness against top models on the competing platforms?

I can’t get away from that I think Lumia 930 feels a bit like a disappointment. Despite the fact that the cell phone can be regarded as the hottest Windows phone that you can find right now so get it be tough for Microsoft to grow in the mobile market if you don’t have more to offer than this.

After last year’s unprecedented good top model Lumia 1020, which still has one of the best mobile cameras ever, it feels like Lumia 930 as lacking something. Sure, the phone comes bundled with Windows Phone 8.1 right from the start, it has larger and more high resolution screen than its predecessor, okay camera and sure enough, it has more muscle under the hood than previous models. But at the same time, the phone is still after the competition when it comes to the screen, where the full hd resolution is already passé among others for LG, and performance where Lumia in 930 slightly vis-à-vis comparable models.

Indeed, the perceived performance otherwise very good with Lumia 930, a benefit that also may be attributed to the Windows Phone-system itself. Version 8.1 of the system comes with a healthy-looking interface than the previous version, which you can fit several panels on the screen than in the past and even have background pictures. Another new feature is the enhetshubben, which you can access from the settings menus and allows you to easily connect your Windows Mobile to your Xbox, to other computers and wireless devices.

While several other mobile manufacturers are taking to the new grip with everything from finger print reader and laser gauges for dust and water resistance to attract buyers, however, it feels like a very Lumia 930 traditional and actually pretty boring phone. The design is for example no directly innovative, although the aluminum frame helps to give the impression of robust build quality. The phone feels edgy, thick and slightly overweight (although it has slimmed down since its predecessor Lumia 920), but with the benefit of the plastic material on the back is in any case that it seems very durable against prints from greasy fingers. The phone is released in several different colors, where the Orange model I tried everything else discreetly without even is to describe that garish. In addition to a variation in the Green, there is the phone, however, also available in traditional black or white colour scheme.

Performance wise the Windows Phone-phone never really really been in step with the latest top models with the Android and Ios. Under rind of Lumia 930 is a quad-core processor at 2.2 Ghz on a Snapdragon 800-chip, which allows the phone to perhaps the fastest Windows Phone handset to date, but still somewhat after the last performance of their competitors, with 801-chip.

As far as the camera gives camera in 930 good pictures without the stand out in some way in quality. Microsoft has pushed in 20 megapixel sensor, which, however, are small and just like most mobile cameras may struggle under challenging light conditions. Not surprisingly, there are no 4 k support when it comes to video recording, and the lack of extras that competing models offer, for example, to be able to record with the high number of images per second and thus allow for slow motion playback.

The camera features for stills is otherwise quite good, with smooth precipitating menus where you can access various camera functions like white balance, focus, shutter speed, etc., which we recognize from previous Lumia-models. Bracketing is called a new feature that allows you to take up to five different photos of the same scene with different exposure settings in a matter of seconds, so that you can create an HDR image with greater dynamic range than would otherwise be possible. It also features optical image stabilization in the camera, which works well and gives less blurry images. For those who want to take them, the camera is on the front side at 2 megapixels and is sufficient to provide working self portraits to fuel up on Facebook or Facebook.

A detail that is interfering with your phone comes on-screen keyboard. It works great as long as you stick to Swedish, but switch to writing in English with Swedish settings so it is quite annoying. The smart functions have a tendency to want to insert the first letter on and correcting various English words in the text, which makes unnecessary time spent browsing back and correct in the text. Function get smarter the more you use it, but it’s nothing that is evident when it comes to the words, which the system stubbornly continues to change.

The Nokia signed Windows Phone-phone has one advantage over so well the Android navigation app as the included Nokia Ios by Here, which are well worth mentioning. It’s awesome with the possibility of downloading maps from around the world for local storage on your phone, which can save lots of money on mobile Bill if you intend to use your phone to navigate on foreign holidays. Lumia 930 is also equipped with a motion sensor that, for example, you can use as a pedometer in the pre-installed Microsoft Bing app health and fitness.