Test: Otterbox Reflex for Iphone 5

Reflex is Otterbox most slim shell with fast Assembly.

OtterBox is known for their Defender-and Commuter-shell, two gadgets that protect your telephone against pretty much ironing but that in return, builds a lot of space around your phone. Reflex is a kind of backlash and in terms of size, the shell is barely noticeably coarser than any plastic shell you can find in the grocery store.

Instead, it feels the most as it is the built-in silicone that holds the cover in place, a material that is cohesive with the skeleton of polycarbonate. Here you will be offered not on something that protects the phone’s ports from dust or similar, entirely in line with making it as smooth as possible. The four corners is somehow “skewed” (which is not noticeable unless you know about it), to create a small air pocket acting extra shock absorbers. It protects, of course, not nearly as good as monstermodellerna Defender and Armor, but you do not look like a construction worker just because you want to be scared about your phone.