Test: Pebble Smartwatch

Kickstarter success Pebble has taken smart world watch by storm and now it has arrived at our Office.

Pebble is, and remains, the history people are referring to when the magic behind crowdfundade gadgets should be described. A small little company that asked for some money to buy buns for while they developed their smartwatch and at the campaign’s end, more or less, had Scrooge Duck pengabinge in grant money from mostly private individuals who thought their idea was how the ball any time. Even if they still have problems producing enough watches in order to meet the demand, they are also one of the companies that become known to the actually managed to deliver a physical product to their contributors instead of repeatedly delayed until all forgotten that they even donated money to the project.

We got into a white Pebble a while ago and now when developers reeled out a major update to the clock it was time to take a closer look at it.

Stylish plastic

Pebble is available in a bunch of different colors, where the white model we received has a blanklackerad surface over itself. it gives the not at all the same plastic impression highly polished Samsung mobiles usually do. It’s pretty easy, which makes it a little toy of it. At the same time, the design feels really sturdy and buttons are in place without giving the impression that give way, which means that, on the whole, we are getting a pretty good impression of the watch. Rubber band in the same color as the watch itself will not appeal to everyone, but just as with Sony’s Smartwatch 2 you can replace it just like in a regular clock unless it would suit you.

The display is not the most fun you can find in comparison with, for example, Galaxy Gear. On the other hand, consists of e-paper display, that is to say the same thing that most e-book readers. This means that it only draws power when it is updated, which is normally one every minute if you run a digital clock display on it. The update is often somewhat lethargic, mainly noticeable when jumping around in the menus, but for the most part it is not tough enough to interfere. With the e-paper is not lit in the same way as LCDs and similar are also the backlight that kicks off when you press any of the buttons and, moreover, every now and then when you touch on the arm.Motion activation works about as lousy as of most other watches of this type, but with the screen turned on all the time, it is less of a problem even there.

Main reason to screen election spelled battery life, where Pebble beats all similar competitors. The manufacturer specifies a week, which you easily get through on a battery charge regardless of usage.

Passive watch

Another reason why the battery life is way clock works on. More than competitors are Pebble depending on your phone and what it says to the watch. There are some apps that can operate without the phone’s involvement, but mostly it’s about to show off the phone or app on the phone tells the watch to show up. A major advantage of Pebble against competitors is the broad support for phones, which can be summed up in that it plays with the Iphone. Galaxy Gear talk with occasional Samsunglurar, Sony Smartwatch 2 talk with most modern Android phones while Pebble do plus Iphone, making the audience significantly larger.

Which clock shows the time according to the dial you have chosen to have on your phone, and now manages it by most news items from both the Android and Iphone, which means that you must think about what notifications you want to not get stressed-out by the watch vibrates all the time. In addition to the notifications also are talking with a number of other apps, so that, for example, you can have data from Runkeeper on clock, a timer for 7 Minute Workout or a remote shutter for the camera directly in the watch. All of them, however, have in common that they don’t directly give very many choices. With Runkeeper that example shows the what the developer decided from the beginning, and if it doesn’t fit, you do not need to use the watch quite easily. The data shown is not irrelevant, but if you have specific requirements or wishes do you have usually not many choices.

Compared with the two watches we tested and mentioned in the text above are Pebble something cheaper, just under a thousand patches, excluding shipping and customs if you order from their website and even with that including something cheaper than Sony’s clock. The appearance is the least “techiga” of the three, although it is still not discrete as a regular watch. Was the battery life make it even to the most common of the three o’clock, and as long as you’re with at what time does and doesn’t do, we should probably say that Pebble is the brightest smartklockan in the sky right now. Are you looking for more features and not necessarily Iphone support is otherwise Sony’s version is a good option.


Name: Pebble Smartwatch

Type: Smartwatch

Dimensions: 50, 3x32x8, 4 mm

Weight: 47 g

Display: 144×168 pixels, e-paper

Connection: Bluetooth

Other: Water resistant 5 ATM