Test: Samsung Galaxy note 10.1.

Galaxy Note 10.1 is more of a niche product than Note 3, but Samsung had to make it worse than both brother and predecessor?

The history of the Galaxy Note We can already at this point. One of the time enormous telephone as the most fnissades ate but who then went and got resounding success. Now Note series neither the highest or alone in its size class, although in many ways was created pseudo category phablets. When it comes to phones, we can certainly say that the Note series is still the one that actually offer something extra to the big screen, while most competitors most makes a great phone (something that started loosening now during the second half of 2013, but not much). Note 10.1 and Note 8, however, has brought a little more doldrums in comparison with the “regular” Note series.

Tiotumsmodellen apparently sold well enough to justify a sequel anyway, and with the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition disagree Samsung back directly. Instead of releasing a 4 g model long after the usual wifi model is available now both versions available from the start and it is just 4 g release, we got a look at.

Note 3 XL

Appearance has Note 10.1 borrowed much from Note 3, for better or worse. Plastic design the Samsung is so fond of feels almost fragile in this format and does not reflect at all the price tag. The back is covered with the same kind of fake plastic imitation leather with seams that little brother and it feels just as fake as before.

Although the opinions surrounding last year’s model’s design diverged had Samsung the good insight to put plate speakers on the front. With the sound directed more against you did so that you didn’t have to drag on as high volume to hear, at the same time that it was easier to get to a good listening quality. 2014-Edition has moved the speakers to each short side, where they don’t do as good a job nearby and often covered by at least one hand.

The camera on the back has a scamper up to 8 megapixel resolution and make the law an okay job. The major advantage here is the more detailed editing potential that the large screen and the pen causes (more on it later). Front video call camera also has the refurbished one and considering that the plate actually also can function as a full-featured phone, it is very welcome. This requires of course 4 g model and it is only if the speaker voice because everything else is both quite impractical and looks completely insanely out. Foremost is the function to be used with a headset, but considering what a fantastic battery life, the unit has, there is definitely a score for some to run this plus headset which combined phone and tablet. Actually, we do not understand why not more tablet with 3 g or 4 g connection follow the same example, the number is frighteningly small at present.

Lower penn function

The screen has become considerably more fun than last year, with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixel-wide. While we hardly have any complaints about the focus feels the colors slightly faded. Probably it depends most on that we compare it with Note 3 and its superamoled display, where the colors are rather excessive, but it still looks a bit diluted out.

Under the hood is very identical to Note 3. Qualcomm värstingchip Snapdragon 800 with three gigabytes of RAM gives a terrible fast experience combined with Android 4.3 and a more or less identical set of software features from Samsung … almost.

The security account Knox is in place from the start, as does make the patch for the smartklockan Galaxy Gear. Slide up from the bottom of the screen you will find the half truncated cooperation with Flipbook to make a nice looking and fast accessible news service, which among other things takes to type all the social networks but Facebook. In addition to this there is also the free Evernote subscription for one year, Sketchbook free and classic sales argument with 50 gigabytes for free in our site, so it’s a really nice software package.

Along with that found the ability to run two programs simultaneously on the screen, which has an even higher score in this size and that works perfectly with the apps that support the extra function as additional mini apps. with floats on top of the other is also far more logical at this screen size. All new features related to the pen is there too and together with Sketchbook and Evernote will make it a really nice story … as long as you only want to subscribe to.

In Galaxy Note 3 you have the possibility to more or less all the times when the keyboard go up switch to handwriting mode. Then translate the handset your Crow’s feet into understandable text and it works how good any time. The translation feature is here, but only in the app’s Note and not a keyboard selection. In addition, kludda S Note You must download your text, select it, choose to convert the handwriting and then select the text for it to work. A system that requires three clicks instead of nothing is thus not to be used to any great extent and are therefore Note 10.1 2014 in present only for those who want to be able to sketch out a Divert or who want fat possible specifications, for which listing machine it is, despite the name, a deterioration on Note 3.

Mobile Battery test

6 HR 31 min

Three questions, three answers

How is it for gaming? Plate running on Qualcomm’s top model for 2013, so despite the higher resolution is more cumbersome it of everything quite splendidly.

Will Android 4.4 to it? Probably, in the case of a top model. Samsung, however, has not said anything yet.

How it works for video? Really good. Samsung’s built-in player is one of the most skilled in the industry and the resolution makes everything very sharply.


Do you want the pencil is Microsoft Surface is one of the few options in a similar size class. Then it will be much more expensive, but at the same time, you get real Windows 8 to run the software on.

Test image from camera

The pictures do not deleted directly, but is at the same time, nothing to write home about. See the slideshow above for larger version.