Test: Samsung Wireless Charging Kit

Samsung has finally got out a kit for Wireless charging of Galaxy S4, with just as many advantages as limitations.

Wireless charging is still somewhat in its infancy, but sufficiently new and exciting for the manufacturers to be given to it. In some cases it will be built in from the start and used as an explanation for the increased weight and size (Lumia 920) and in some cases, there are built-in and can be seen as a little bit of that feature attention (2013 model year of Google Nexus 7). For Samsung’s part, it is a rough history that actually began with the Galaxy, in which the attachment was scrapped. Now, more than six months after utannonserandet, accessory is finally out in stores for Galaxy S4.

The whole consists of a laddplatta and a separate rear mounted on your phone and then placed phone on the plate to load, simply. It works, but go a little slower than with the cord (which still works too).Samsung’s laddplatta are also far more sensitive than the Nokia, for example, the investment equivalent is (funny enough, they are based on the same standard, and thus works together).

The downside of this is that the shell makes the phone slightly thicker, which can refer to it if you want to use your phone with any type of skin. We tested with a Lifeproof-shell on top of laddkitet and although it went to close, there was a worrying gap in the shell that failed again. Same thing if you want to use Samsung’s S Cover shell, whereupon you may get by without wireless charging. Given that the technology was built into the tokbilliga Nexus 7 feels the most like a bad ground solution with far too high a price from Samsung’s site.


Name: Samsung Wireless Charging kit EP-WI950

Dimensions charger: 91, 8×161, 8 x 11, 6 mm

Dimensions baksidesskal: 69, 1×135, 8 x 4, 6 mm

Weight charger: 123.3 grams

Baksidesskal Weight: 25 grams