Test: Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony’s latest clock shows that the company has learned from the mistakes of the past in many ways.

Sony has made smart watches for a long time now. In the past we had watches that actually looked like real bells, but that had bluetooth and a small display which enabled notifications from the phone and sms as well as the ability to control the music in the company’s phones. A few years later, it was time for the equivalent of smart phones, Live View It was never a major success thanks to its total user-hostile interfaces. The sequel Smartwatch did some things right, but still gave many acid reflux. This year’s Smartwatch 2 is not like any of the two units at all, for this actually works really well.

Bell makes no attempt to actually act as an ordinary watch, primarily through the ability to assemble common watchband at will. Can you not like that sold the clock in a bunch of colors and both with rubber bands and metal bracelets. Smartwatch in itself makes a 2 on the other hand, less good job of just look like a clock.

Motoactv 2

To get away from all the inconsistent way of controlling the clock on that earlier versions suffered from (even if Samsung got into it pretty good with Gear even without buttons), Sony has kept an eye on how Motorola’s Motoactv-clock for about two years ago. Form factor is significantly less, but we almost have the feeling that this is how a Motoactv 2 could look like.

In any case, this means that you as a user have a touch screen plus Android’s classic back, home and option button. In addition to that, you also have a power button on the right side and a very square design as a result of the square screen. To do this simply to watch, just like any other smartklockor, see more technical and geeky than an ordinary watch. It is probably a problem to a larger mass will like the idea, but at the same time, the Smartwatch 2 one of the most subtle variations of the whole thing we encountered.

Unlike its spiritual predecessor and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear also has a huge advantage, it shows the time! It may sound strange, but this is the clock is always visible on the screen instead of that you have to press a button or the spasmiskt shake the wrist to see what time it is. Even so claims Sony that we get a battery life of between three and four days depending on usage, fairly good during our test period. It’s not ideal, but better than having to download the clock daily. Even better is that the unit be recharged directly through the micro usb and not through any tough docking station.

Another plus of the Protocol comes from Sony’s telefonavdelning, then the watch is the IP57-secured and therefore do not suffer from a bath or two. Or a jog if you pair the watch with Runkeeper or Runtastic.

Various software

The only thing that was positive with the forerunners were a relatively wide support for apps and just that Sony has brought the Smartwatch 2 then most apps to its predecessor also works here. The quality varies tremendously on many of them, but most we tested operates properly and displays the information. Unlike Galaxy Gear play no bigger role if we receive a notification from Facebook, Sony’s mail client or Gmail, a sensible summary information displayed in any case (Gear only supports Samsung’s own apps and does not display a preview from Facebook or Twitter). In addition, works with all Android phones with Android 4.0 or higher, which is significantly better than the Gear.

Most settings are managed via an app on your phone, where you also install apps or search for new ones. It requires a little pill in the settings of the watch should not lash each time any of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers are updating something, but after a while the punching handle the notes really well. Should you miss something among Sony’s own apps, there are third variants that can pull in news items from Android in general rather than individual applications.

We may not have the pure swagger features like camera, handsfree opportunities and the like as Galaxy Gear boasts. But at the same time makes the watch a better job as notismaskin and are much more discreet than their competitor. Sony is looking at his third generation smartklockor now and it shows, for this gadget, we can actually think of using without being ashamed.