Test: Ultimate Ears UE Boom

I take the opportunity to test the speakers during a garden party and it seems the conditions excellent. Speakers charged in around three hours, and then you should be able to play for up to 15 hours without being in the proximity of any electric sockets. I start with the Ipad Mini and our site sound source and just to test, I raised the volume on max, something that clearly demonstrates the speaker volume potential. The whole block will have heard, so after I pull down the volume to a more healthy level. The sound which is good so I go on to connect two devices to get stereo sound.

To attach a speaker to your phone via bluetooth goes smoothly and to ensure that the sound goes to two speakers with an audio channel in each is not much more difficult. To connect two speakers by using a free app like the manufacturer of loudspeakers has published and available to Iphone and Android. With a few simple pressure of the app, and then on the speakers so you can control how the sound will go out and use multiple speakers together. The stereo link goes to so that you connect to one speaker with bluetooth and then through the app, you are specifying that it should be in stereo so fix the app the rest.

I mentioned to the sound when I started testing was good but the fact is that we then had problems. The sound of the Ipad I started testing with disappeared any second about every 15 seconds, and despite the fact that the distance from the Ipad to speakers definitely was shorter than 15 m and there was a clear line of sight. Despite the fact that it was a problem with the wireless transmission. To ensure that the Ipad I used was the source of the problem, I tested also with several Android phones and the Iphone with the same disappointing results. To use the mobile phone as a music player like this is positive because it gives you the advantage that you can be agile and use your phone while it is being used as a music source to these speakers. It applies in all cases in theory. In practice, when I try I can not even go into the next room without sound is broken and it is of course a big disadvantage and does a lot of the benefits of these speakers. It is the stability of the transmission, even when the phone is located right next to the speakers, which are the major weakness when we tested.



Name: Ultimate Ears UE Boom

Type: Bluetoothhögtalare with stereo capability

Dimensions: 180 x 65 mm

Weight: 538 g

Range: Up to 15 meters

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