Test: Well Thought out Keyboard Ipad Mini

Kensington takes the sensible way with keyboards for Ipad Mini.

When it comes to keyboard to fit the Ipad Mini, there are two schools, the ones who try to make the best of it and those who are hard-put themselves in a corner and say it does not go. “Go” in this case is all about making room for our Swedish keys on a very small keyboard surface and unfortunately most people end up putting shrimp smörgå selection keys in the function keys so that it is possible to use the keyboard.

Here we get a fairly thick shell with detachable keyboard that also have the Swedish characters on actual keys. Ä-button is certainly on the same line as the space bar, but after a few hours of use, we have almost become accustomed to the new location.

The main disadvantage is actually the shell of itself, even without the keyboard feels closest to silly thick, a bit like Kensington built a life jacket in leather.