Test ZTE Nubia Z5

Nubia Z5 is a pretty nice and stylish creation, but one wonders why zte feels compelled to» loans «so much by other manufacturers, and why they put such a high price tag on it?

ZTE has traditionally primarily been responsible for low-and mid-range phones in Sweden. With Nubia z5 takes a detour from the template and is launching an» premium «-mobile to wrestle with the big boys. To give a little extra handset exclusivity has zte been the famous Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni design it. I must say he has succeeded very well, even though it very clearly could see» inspiration «from other producers, and this applies both to the outside interface.

Nubias back has obvious similarities with the htc One x +, both in terms of the rubbery material selection and the distinctive red ring around the camera lens. Please understand, it is neat and I like it but it is not especially original. The front is also very well designed, especially considering how little you have to play with on a product whose» face «mostly consists of a large screen. The thing that most stands out here is the bright red ring that surrounds the all blacks Home button. The ring’s brightness is even more intense when the pulse to indicate that you have received a message, etc. In addition to the two small red glowing dots representing the back and menu buttons. Here I can feel that design has a go before functionality. The red dots fades out and disappears when you don’t actively pokes at them and also there is no visual indicator of which of them is what or what they actually have.

ZTE has some oddities managed to mix a number of smart features in the mix. Among other things, you can call up the people by developing their number and then simply bring your phone to the ear.The trick works for not even unique Nubia when someone calls you.

No app drawer

Like a few other Androidmodeller have Nubia no traditional» app drawer «but instead gathers all the apps on your home screens» à la ios «.» Personally I like not substantial because although as is customary for Androidlurar have an app drawer, you have still the opportunity to put apps on your home screens. Why restrict users in this case? More ios-inspired prank includes apps in edit mode starts» shake «and clicking a check call to uninstall them, as well as the gray stops the animation in the camera app. If I were a lawyer at Apple, I would definitely take a closer look at» copyright «laws while I sat with Nubia z5.

The hardware that Nubia offers is not the hottest on the market but at the same time, it is certainly not excavated spare parts from a five year old ‘ end either. The screen, which has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixel and entire 441 ppi, is a really nice experience. The only thing you can whine a bit above is that it is not as bright as, for example, the htc Ones or lg g2’s screens but there is nothing to think about other than a direct comparison. Mobile’s system chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon s4 Pro and the CPU is a quad-core variant which is clocked at 1 500 mhz. Package is about the hottest who went to get hold of last year so it is still perfectly acceptable. The z5 also has 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 GB storage memory is also not so bad too, but I wish that zte also had pressed into a memory card slot by just fly.

The camera app surprises

Although the camera app on the whole do not have a myriad of features, I find it is still brilliant. The conclusion comes entirely from Pro mode which, according to me, in all its relative simplicity, are among the smartest-designed camera modes I’ve seen in a mobile phone.

The first thing that stands out is the ability to be guided by the golden ratio was known already by the ancient Greeks. It is a Visual guideline based on mathematical grounds and historically has helped artists to find a harmony of the picture compositions, whether it’s photo, painting or architecture. In Nubias case, it is specifically the Golden spiral, used as an alternative to that, in all cases in camera-the programming, more traditional grid pattern. Another smart move is a pointer that indicates how straight man keeps the cell phone while shooting.

But the highlight is that you slide your finger on the screen to control the exposure meter in a spot metering mode (as it is so nicely called in SLRs), that is, to specify which part of the picture as the light meter to take their values from. At the same time, you are free to put the focus point at another place. Really smart and useful.

Why no LTE?

If you go into network settings so you get a variety of different variants for gsm and 3 g, more than I’ve ever seen on a mobile phone. But why the zte has chosen not to include 4 g is a mystery, especially when there is already a lte-variant of the z5 sold in other countries, and even more if one takes account of the fact that Sweden is one of the countries that are really at the forefront of this development. Although the Turbo 3 g speed is really good, it is according to me is still a giant miss by zte, which becomes even more painful if you look at how much the company imagines that we should pay for the cell phone. Presumably, the pricing that better correspond to reality when the handset has been out for a while in the store shelves, but you ask me so I wouldn’t hit until there is a 4 g variant.It’s a shame, because basically, the z5 a really nice, albeit appearance little original, creation.