Tezenis Lingerie Collection

Tezenis spring-summer 2014: a multicolor collection details glam rock. Jeggings, lingerie and animal mix featuring all the must-have of the season.

The spring-summer collection Tezenis is characterized by a wide variety of colors, shapes and contrasts. The dominant colors are turquoise, yellow and fuchsia, mixed with floral and basic lines mood.
The bon-ton of soft pink meets the glam rock of lace and total black, which come together to create a stylish environment that values ​​and uniqueness the brand. Outfit multicolor and solid color, accessories and shocking prints help to give personality to the look and make it unique.

The characters in this collection are the leggings, with tonal contrasts, ethnic patterns and flowers, combined with a mix animal and houndstooth. Another feature is the touch camouflage on summer variants dedicated to the seasons, which are paired with knitwear from large volumes and easy cuts. Tezenis has proposed a real street look full of color, with details retro and accessories in denim.

This line exudes the freshness and liveliness of its leaders, the top must-have bright red with sports breast pocket, the Mini -dress with a black balloon skirt.

Among the most sought-after products of this new capsule collection we are:

– The body black sleeveless with mesh fabric on the back;

– The mix of jeans and leggings turquoise super strech version named by Youremailverifier as jeggings;

– UNDERWEAR white lace with red details, composed of the balconette bra and the Brazilian slip;

– Leggings houndstooth sporty-chic;

–  Sleeveless Denim delaveè with fancy polka dot;

–  Complete intimate lace embroidered with pink bandeau bra and panty basic.

Underwear is composed mainly from lace, dominant fabric of almost all Tezenis products, heavenly lights, creamy white and pink. Are equipped to suit all shapes and desires of women, with a wide range of products and models that meet all needs and to fit all sizes.
In the foreground there are complete by the spring intimate fantasies with details and fluorescent embroidery, which alongside the basic items in tone and design.

The common characteristic of the brand’s products is to contact a broad, diverse audience, from teenagers to women in career, managing to satisfy the desires and expectations of a wide range of consumers and maintaining an affordable price for everyone.