The Boss, the First Phone with Built-in Tor Support

The Boss is a giant phone with 7 inch screen, dual SIM card and built-in support of the Tor network.It must be realized through Indiegogo.

Tor is a free piece of software which essentially is used for, to ensure your anonymity when you move around on the net. All data will be redirected through a vast network built by volunteers in order to mask a user’s actual location and prevent other people to analyze and monitor the traffic.

The Boss is a new phone announced at CES this year as strikes to incorporate security features on Tor-root-level which should give you “one level of safety without precedent” as they write.

The people behind the phone searches now support on Indiegogo and must have collected just under 1 million dollars before the second March in order to realize the phone. The phone is with its 7 inch display (1920 x 1200) really tablet-size, but also provides space for two SIM cards, a Mediatek octa-core processor, 16 GB of memory, 8/2 megapixel camera and a 3,000 mAh battery. It also runs Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The fastest could get a Boss phone to 275 dollars (~ 1,750,-NOK)-where the project will be realized, of course. These are now sold out and you have to give $ 329 (~ 2,100) for the device plus a couple of hundred dollars for shipping.

Certification issues

The Guardian Project stands for Android application “Orbot” who uses Tor to encrypt internet traffic leaving your Android device. The Boss will be the first which takes as its starting point the Orbot already by development, and even on their Indiegogo page writes that The Boss will be “fully certified by privacy experts at The Guardian Project.”

The opinion there is supposedly a little divided on taking The Guardian Project yesterday tweetede that they have not agreed to certify anything. Elsewhere on Indiegogo page, however, they also write that they hope that The Guardian Project will certify the phone, it does so as if the work is in progress.

The collection started the 5th January and has five days gathered button 20,000 dollars, or 12 percent of the target.