The Consumer Ombudsman: Apple Violates Law

In some cases, drag the Apple iPhone or iPad-money without user’s acceptance in the form of the password. A breach of the law, says Consumer Ombudsman.

Apple has tried to make it easy to handle in the App Store with short intervals without having to taste his password again and again.

According to the consumers’ Ombudsman, however, it is a violation of several laws, including Marketing, write our site.

The issue will be taken up in tonight’s Edition of Cash on DR1.

-“One of the big problems is that parents have not been informed that there are fifteen minutes, where you can just click and buy different virtual stuff. It is not clear enough, “says Consumer Ombudsman Henrik Øe.

When you take a iPhone or iPad in use, it is already set to that entering the same password at download from the App Store after the following provides access to 15 minutes without password-check.

This means, for example, that parents have experienced that they have downloaded a game for the kids, and then they can buy into the life of small poder loose without the password.

-“Of course, it is not acceptable that the games be designed in such a way, so that children are tempted to buy this sort of thing, and that parents bills of this size. We need to have a handle on, “says Henrik Øe.

The Consumer Ombudsman has already been in dialogue with Apple for several years. He do not believe, however, that the necessary changes have been made, so now he will take the matter up with his colleagues in the EUROPEAN UNION in an attempt to exert greater pressure on Apple.