The Dress Over The T-Shirt

Friends who have recently visited Asia had predicted me: the dress with suspenders over a t-shirt spaghetti, it is again fashionable. I was still in denial until the fashion trends, the Parisian style bible,devoted also the trend. Still not certain? Here’s how to tame the thing!

Step 1: do not mix the textures
If you are not some of the combination of the t-shirt and the camisole, start with simple arrangements, no mumbo-jumbo. Cotton on cotton, solid on solid color, color stay minimalist.

Step 2: play with the Cup or patterns 
When you feel safer for you, have fun with the cup of your dress. Try the open back, cross-straps, original necklines or let you go by arranging the colours or patterns. Very french, the sailor!

Step 3: embrace the 1990s with style lingerie dress
Trends of the 1990s are everywhere. The dress style lingerie (or slip dress) was the Queen of the combination t-shirt-suspenders spaghetti 20 years ago already and it still is today.
If you are now ready to go all-in, you can’t go wrong with the slip dress. Mix textures, satin, silk, lace, with t-shirts in cotton. So, you give a little more “dressed” look at your slip dress. You won’t seem to have forgotten to put on your dress in the morning and walk in their underwear in the subway!