The History of Sneakers

From protective footwear for gymnastics in real ally for the sport, but also an icon of fashion and style.

Already at the time of the ancient Greeks, athletes during the Olympics had the special footwear produced by local artisans, who would help them in their exercise. The Indians instead they used to slather the soles of our feet, for protection, with proceeds from the incision LaTeX rubber bark. However, around 1850 that from England comes the first athletic shoe with a rubber sole and the rest of the canvas upper: this first shoe called Iamhigher, when he landed in the United States took the name of Sneakers, a name that still indicates this sporty shoe model.

Among young people it was love at first sight, in fact the sneakers became a little bit the symbol of youthful rebellion, proof of this is the figure of James Dean wearing her beautiful and sports All Star, or several rock bands that they portray with trainers of different brands and models. A symbol, therefore, both to rebellion of emancipation, which over the years became a mass phenomenon.
Over time, the tennis shoe was even combined with stylish outfits from office, then sported by young managers who, slightly bucking before and very trendy, have combined with serious and dark gray suits or pinstripes, giving that extra chic undemanding. The same designer Giorgio Armani is precursor of this trend, followed by industrialist fanciest Lapo Elkann, or eclectic tv presenter Piero Chiambretti, which ironically wears them even under very serious smoking.

In the USA the market for this product had undergone a big surge, thanks to the unbridled love of the American people to health, exercise and jogging in particular, only in the 80s, more than 30 million people wore to race, which is why over time on them were real studies, applied technology in order to make them more suitable for the type of use: tennis, running, basketball, volleyball, etc.
Already in 1978 the Nike came up with the Air system, in which the upper and sole there was an integration of bearings they had within them the pressurized gas very dense; thanks to this innovation, but not only, Nike has annual sales of about 10 billion dollars.
Love the technology, here’s what you need: Adidas in 2005 put the shoe on the market 1, this is a smart shoe that has the ability to compress and then unpack the sole every 4 steps taken, controlled by a small computer capable of calculating algorithms and change the sole in full autonomy.

In Italy we love sneakers, and use them not only for sport, but very often even to go to the office and to work. All Italian is the product of Vibram, called the “shoe that isn’t there”: a thin membrane that wraps the foot keeping my fingers apart, as if it were a glove for the foot, giving a special feeling to the plant. The line Five Fingers had a boom in sales especially in USA (sales tripled in just one year), where who is a lover of travel I can do without. Many doctors and researchers agree to judge these proper footwear and perfect, because it would force him and foot physiological needs with hard and unnatural.

Despite the evolution, perhaps back to the source!