The Most Beautiful Hats to Wear for the Summer

Is there anything more important among the must-have accessories in addition to the hat? I think not!

It is a versatile accessory, perfect to be brought along onvacation, at the beach, but also in the mountains, and why not, during a cultural weekend discovering a European capital.
Personally, when I make the suitcase, I always keep the cap on hand, so you can take it with me on the plane and if necessary pull out as soon as the heat begins to be felt. Every year I tell myself that there is no need to spend more money on hats, but then, a complication of fashion magazines, advertisements and shop windows, I always end up enchanted me last season model that absolutely-must-be -my!

That’s why, to avoid being alone with my favorite hat last summer, I have grouped some of the models must have summer 2016 according to Iamaccepted, to choose my next purchase.

the Basque

I always saw the Basque as a purely winter hat, but this year Gucci has made me think again bringing on the catwalk these beautiful models in natural and colored straw that I find perfect for the summer! The striped pattern is by far the most special and original, but if you do not want to dare too much, you can try more neutral colors such as beige, white and rope: perfect to be paired to your summer outfits.


This summer back the “fisherman” model, a real evergreen for all the grandparents, the Germans and the elderly on holidays, but that does not always meet the favor of the youngest.

Dolce and Gabbana has, however, launched the challenge by including in his collection two models of this both proposed hat in floral prints and fruit. Match it in the right way will not be easy, but if you love the challenges, then try to wear this hat in your next summer look and you’ll discover a new love.


We are talking, without a doubt, one of the most loved hats ever: an evergreen super chic that is a must in the wardrobe of us women. If you do not already have one, but even if you already have it, this summer is definitely the right time to add a wide-brimmed hat to your wardrobe.Opt for a classic if it’s your first purchase, but if you are a real diva try to get more colorful patterns or fantasy that they can give a touch of class to your outfit.

Cappelllo gondolier

Finally, a model that definitely can not miss in your summer wardrobe 2016 is a gondolier’s hat.

The most classic is definitely the black and white, always a perfect model that you can take with you on all occasions, but if you want to venture a bit ‘try to buy a colorful hat, even better if colored block, to give a touch of color super chic to your outfit.

To make the most feminine hat, instead, try to replace the ribbon grosgrain with a colorful ribbon, striped or patterned.