The Most Dangerous Toys of All Time


Parents buy for their children a lot of toys, in many cases, ignoring their hazard if placed in the hands of children who obviously have no cognition and prudence of adults, not all of them.

In this article I will explain the toys that are considered by many the most dangerous ever, were listed in order of increasing danger, every parent should read this list before making purchases, wrong.

We start from 10th place is “The chemistry set” has been on the market for many years, from time to time improved in terms of security, but always a potential threat to children’s hands more daring. Nothing to do with early versions of 40 years where in the pack were highly toxic substances such as hydrochloric acid or essential for the manufacture of gunpowder, the consequences of the use of this toy in the hands of a child are easily deducible.

In 9th position we find a fingerprint kit originated from the famous CSI series aired worldwide on television, still in the box had contained a substance that gave way to see footprints, but that contained tremolite, a variant of the most dangerous of asbestos, which is why the toy was soon taken off the market after its release in 2007.

We place number 8 where are the shoes Moon Shoes, designed for small circus activity 70 years were experiencing as tightrope walkers, but that resulted to do more damage than fun. Contained small pieces of metal that they took the kids to have fractures, strains, sprains and other injuries also relevant.

Seventh there are the marbles, one of the oldest games and still hugely popular on beaches around the world. While seeming a harmless game marbles can turn into a real weapon, over the years there have been bruising, fractures, suffocation or facial wounds to Montezuma and throughout the body due to blows received, not to mention the falls caused by the Marbles left scattered on the floors.

We climb in the standings and sixth there is the Easy Bake Oven, loved by many generations of teenagers who still enjoy cooking, but with a level of security did not live up to the hype, the burns are becoming more frequent because of overheating of the component parts, both metallic and plastic.

Past the middle ranking and 5th there is a toy that made me crazy kids and parents, I am talking about the ball 62 or better known as inflatable balloon with handle with which you can skip by sitting on it. The problem is that by playing many children, but adults, they often get all kinds of injuries, from sprains to fractures.

In fourth place is there a toy that topped 80 thanks to cartoon series of Power Rangers, I’m talking about the sword and its retractable mechanism that caused unexpected plot twists throughout the game causing, at best, bruises and injuries.

Let us go up to the podium and stand on the bottom one of the most entertaining games for many adults, not just kids, I’m talking about Twister, where kids of all ages in the last 30 years have caused sprains, dislocations and fractures trying not to lose the position and meet the challenge with opponents of remote control toys.

In position number 2 there is a game that hasn’t had much luck though part of a family of toys that for decades has hit worldwide, I am talking about the fruit shop by Playmobil. Its danger lies in the possibility for children to ingest the mini reproductions of fruit because of possible suffocation and injury. The game he created so many problems in short Playmobil was forced to withdraw it.

And now we are the winner of this challenge, on the top step, first, is Atomic Giant Lab, produced and sold in the U.S. market is a version of the chemistry set with the danger multiplied dozens and dozens of time. In the package were included samples of uranium and plutonium and a small Geiger counter to measure radioactivity. Resisted the market only for a short time in 1959 and I think they understand very well why.

I arrived at the end of this ranking of most dangerous toys of all history, these are obviously just a few cases, today’s toy market is rich, but the security level is always higher in order to avoid any kind of risk to children, however, remain available toys that if misused can cause problems for children.

The choice of toys should be made following the correct policy, even the safest toys can become dangerous if given to the wrong age kids, here the fault is not the toy or manufacturer, but who gives these games the children wrong.