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The New Feminist Blog Is Written by Three People Who See Things Very Clear: Girls Aged 11

If you’re a girl, you like pink. If you are a child, blue. Girls, dolls. Children, balls. The girls are cute, fun and sociable in the catalogues of the back to school, but never the first of the class or the smarter, we, as the boys.

Tired of this bleak panorama, a group of girls of New York’s only eleven years have decided to open a feminist blog. Is called Girls United (for Change) and its slogan is unamusing: “because the girls are more than just cute and achuchables”.

They are feminists, they struggle to demonstrate to brands that both sexes can do the same things and not are typical. Do you want to know them?

The future seems to me much more bright and positive glancing at the blog of Elle Rose, Amelia Sage and Sela Eve, the three editors of only eleven years responsible for Girls United for Change, a feminist blog that has come to end with preconceived ideas, inequality and stereotyping and that is giving much to talk about since opened it last February.

But they really understand well what is the inequality or will machismo already suffered three girls of only eleven years to speak of the subject property?

Yes and Jezebel is not the first time that we speak of controversial campaigns in child advertising sexist messages to our children that foster inequality, or roles marked from the first months of life, give some examples of cases that do affect them.

Because as we see it Elle, Amelia and Sela have realized that are surrounded by messages, products, campaigns advertising and preconceived ideas that they do not conform with the world in which they want to live. And that threw their feminist blog Girls United for Change.

The objective of your website It is to change the idea that has people about what a girl and the starting point was a Star Wars Monopoly that gave him to her and in which the figure of his favorite character, King was not included. You know, King is the first female protagonist of the series.

Since these three convinced feminist publishing interesting articles especially that surrounds them, about the toys that like them, about their favorite scientific and have even asked him to one of his best friends to write a column from the point of view of the boys. Because your support is essential to achieve equality.

Everything is pink…

Girls United for Change has an entire section to expatiate on the frustration that generates them that everything, absolutely everything, to Star Wars pajamas, has to be pink. But they are not the unique details that set these young bloggers. Or do you also have noticed you that all female figures LEGO wear lipstick?

It is clear that there are many things that change yet when three girls must continue to demonstrate that they can like the same things as the kids (no need go makeup, sold in pink and carry bows).

They are not alone

Fortunately increasingly there are more voices and more brands support This movement that fights for the equality of opportunities, hobbies, aspirations and life. And that worry of bringing all these ideals to kids, to show girls that they can dream of being what they want and that they don’t have to fit in any stereotype.

It is famous for example in United States the case of the company Goldiblox, the more modest brand that has had the opportunity to advertise during the famous Super Bowl and whose spots have become viral, Despite having small budgets. For example this:

Do not have big movie stars, but their players are stars who dream of being engineers or mechanical.

And we can also find many other sites who work every day for equality. For example A Girl´s World Online Club, a website launched in 1996! So what It aims to encourage and support girls 7 and 17 for that to become active members of society and not passive consumers against the media and internet.

The smaller with aspirations to become future scientific You can receive all the support they need in the web Girl Geeks. Teen Voice Online is an online publication that collects the voices and the ideals of many adolescents, while Girls Incorporated is an organization focused on helping all girls to become strong and smart people (now they have launched a campaign entitled #beachampionforgirls the sea of interesting).

And if you appreciate the sense of humor always you can become a fan of Cybergrrl website. Even Lena Dunham has launched its own feminist newsletter aimed at the younger, in collaboration with fellow producer of the series Girls, Jenni Konner.

All an inspiration to millions of girls of the same age as Elle, Amelia and Sela, or smaller still. Girls that we hope that you grow up reading this messages, appropriating them and that at some point decide to open their own blog to spread it.

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