The Online Shopping Guide

Shopping online can be a pleasant pastime as well as a convenient and easy way to purchase items in every corner of the earth. At the same time, however, it may prove to be a disappointing experience. To prevent this please read our little guide!

First of all it is good to avoid starting prevented . Let us take off from head the belief that online shopping is “90% expect”, you do not need to have a great business sense, it is certainly more important to have common sense and use your head . There are many websites on which you can make online purchases. The most famous of these is certainly the platform Ebay which is affiliated with the most secure payment method in the world: Paypal, the only one that guarantees the return of the money in case of non-delivery of items bought from the seller. Be wary of those vendors who claim solely and exclusively by bank transfer or money order. Always try to buy exclusively from sellers with a high number of positive feedback, or better yet to be recognized by eBay stores and powerseller.

Always remember that if an object you do not like or for example, is not the right size, you have to have the right to return to those who’ve sold it. It is not advisable to trust those sellers who do not accept the return of the article, in 99% of cases have something to hide.
If you are buying an item signed, always ask to be able to verify the authenticity boutique. If the seller accepts willingly (or he invites you to do so) you will be almost sure not to run into a fake. “I sell cause double gift” one of the top lies between the sellers of fake objects. After all, who has never happened to receive a gift of two Louis Vuitton bags completely identical?

Besides eBay there are many other sites that deal with online sales. One of the most famous is Asos where you can find just about anything, from clothes to accessories, from jewelry to beauty items.

In Italy we also Yoox while for the clothes and that offers a wide selection of items for all brands, accessories used we announce Privategriffe, also recommended by Alessia Marcuzzi in her fashion blog “the Pinella”, this site can be especially useful for most rabid fashionistas who maybe wants to monopolize the it-bag of their dreams at a reduced price.

Have you ever been to London or the United States? You may have noticed those wonderful megastores that have become veritable temples of shopping for low-cost. We are talking about Topshop and Forever21. We bet that you will be also asked why the hell these stores do not yet exist in Italy. In trusting expectation of their landing place in our beautiful country we can only devote to the consultation of their e-commerce sites and online order items that we like. Warning! They are so beautiful and convenient to be addictive !!