The Phone Reveals Your Identity

Your mobile phone will leave invisible tracks when you move around with your mobile phone that reveals who you are.

Most mobile applications using location data to deliver customized services and ads. But now scientists warn that the location data may reveal more about you than you probably think. A mobile user’s movement pattern can be used to identify the individual person, and is as unique as a fingerprint. It writes the our site, according to our site.

The researchers have analyzed the motion data for one and a half million users for a period of 15 months and can note that each person has his very own personal pattern. They tell also that with just four reference points can identify 95 percent of all individuals.

We may be thinking that it is randomly when and where it is in specific locations. But most people typically move between the same locations – home, work and grocery stores. And true to form, we often take the same path.

Manufacturers of satellite navigation also uses data from GPS devices and cell phones to improve their traffic information – this is done by calculating how quickly users are moving.

-“In the 1930s, it was found out that you need to measure 12 points for identifying a unique fingerprint.We have done exactly the same, but we have used mobile data instead. The way we move on and our behaviour is so unique that the four points is enough to identify 95 per cent of all people, “says researcher Yxes-Alexandre de Montjoye from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The researchers hope to be able to start a debate about how location data is used.

-“It is not our intention to portray it as a ‘Big Brother’ situation, where it looks as if ‘we know everything about you’. But we show that even if there is no name or email address, then it is still personal data, which must be treated carefully, “says the researcher.

You can read the full article on identifying users with location data here.