The Project Ara Becomes Its Testing Phase, But Runs out of Chief Designer

What looked like science fiction already happens to be in testing phase. Google tells us that his Project Ara is passing into the hands of the first 100 “testers”, outside the development team.

Modular phones will not have any charge for participants in the testing program, and have been chosen by the activity and interest that has been shown in nine so-called interventions ARA Scouts. More than 30,000 volunteers, 111 countries have participated in them,.

In the past Google I/O 2014 had the opportunity to see devices in actual operation, for the first time beyond beautiful modular designs. The next phase was to make them reach a number of people outside the development team, to do dirty tricks with them, and Discover new pros and cons the ambitious project.

Together they will help make for eight months, which may be something closer to a final product. It is a way of determining which in March 2015 We can expect important announcements relating to Project Ara.

Chief Designer gear

Which will not be to help is the Chief Designer of the project, Dan Makoski, It is not to stop Ara Project for other activities in Google, directly left of the company. It will go to Capital One, We understand that working in the corporate image of the Bank.

After two years of work in ATAP, his contract ended and we do not know if you stop working for your interest, they have not reached an agreement, or by Google dispenses with the.

The movement strong enough, taking into account that we are talking about sounds of a project in which the design is an essential part, more than in any other type of phone. We have no doubt that the project will go ahead without it, but also that it carries in his brain much information to share with other companies that are not banks.