The Timeless Little Black Dress

Have in the wardrobe essential items that match virtually everything, clothes that are never exceeded and that are forever wild is the dream of every woman. Seems impossible? None of this… the solution is simpler than most people think! Um of items that complete all these items and that it is mandatory to have in the closet is a little black dress. Enter sets out fashion… but he is eternal. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, the simpler the easier it is to compose the look. In your simplicity, color lets you instantly cool and best of all, the clothes can be repitida on several occasions, just change your shoes and accessories.

I think it’s pretty cool to put a different shoe, a bag, add a cintinho, a blaser with texture or different color, long and/or short necklaces, pearls and stones, with several chains, etc… never lacking options!Remember, the fashion little black dress can be worn during the day or night, season after season, and continue in use for years and years, always surpassing any fashion fever (don’t buy fashion version, and yes the classic that works anywhere on the planet). If you already have the classic, of course, fast fashion versions are always very welcome. Who doesn’t have black dresses, you can run your behind, because when you get a special invitation will already know what will be the rapid production and glamorous you’ll do.

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