The Turtleneck Sweater

Originally worn by sailors and athletes in the late twentieth century, turtleneck or sub-pull peaked in the mid-twentieth century. Become tacky recent years, he returned gradually to fashion.

There are mainly two kinds: the neck pullovers thick wool turtleneck and fine jersey.

How to wear?

Deceased’s favorite garment Steve Jobs, many men wear it with a jacket and use it as an alternative to the shirt. His great strength is to go back to the neck and effectively isolate the area.

It is also popular with executives, or men of power who like to wear it with a blazer when they want to display a more casual than the traditional shirt and tie.

Again, as with the pull truck driver, be sure to avoid the somewhat antiquated models with bowls too.

Which morphologies:

The turtleneck is not suitable for everyone especially to men with long necks for the obvious reason that it disproportionately extends it. It is therefore interesting for small or large physical wishing to extend their build.

  • It is commercially available, a guy near the turtleneck: the neck sweater fireplace
Vest sweater

he sleeveless sweater or vest is often confused with the cardigan. Out of fashion for many years, it is focused by Wall-aged men and little appreciated by the younger generation.

Despite its somewhat outdated side, it is not useless as comfortable. The fact that it has no sleeves gives the ease at the armhole and allows to integrate perfectly with a shirt and jacket complete.

After all, fashion is a constant renewal, maybe he will come back later on to center stage.

How to wear?

pure formal part juice, the vest is worn almost exclusively with a shirt or jacket. By cons, it goes badly with a t-shirt or informal high. Downstairs, there is associated with rather dress pants (trousers of wool or sober chino).

taste of the fault to avoid is wearing a white shirt with a black vest.

If you whistle in a bar taking you to the server, you’ll know why!

Which morphologies?

No cons indication, the vest goes to most men.

The Subjects

Substances of pull can be classified into 3 categories:

The materials of animal origin (merino wool, cashmere …), synthetic materials (rayon, nylon, polyester ..) and of plant origin (cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp …)

The most popular is wool that from sheep (wool, Merino, Shetland, Icelandic). There are also wool from other animals such as goats (cashmere, mohair), rabbit (angora), a cousin of the llama, alpaca wool which has the same name, camel, yak, etc…

And we also find chic sweaters from smber such as silk cocoons after silkworms, butterfly, spiders