The WSJ Confirms All Rumors: Nokia Normandy Will Arrive This Month

Much we have already commented on the now famous Nokia Normandy, the terminal of the Finnish manufacturer for the first time will be based on Android and which according to The Wall Street Journal will arrive this month.

The leaks this device have been building in recent weeks: from that first rumor first Android support data or reports on their use of Android 4.4. KitKat. It seems that all these data soon they will be crystallized officially.
So it seems according to data of the Journal, which cited the words of people close to Nokia that reveal that the Finnish manufacturer engineers they began to work on this terminal When Microsoft closed the purchase of most of this company agreement.

Even though Nokia Normandy will be based on Android, not leverage all of this platform, and according to those supplies its users they will not have access to Google Play, but that will be in the hands of an app store own Nokia – similar to the of Amazon-, in addition to ignore some tools like Maps to include HERE Maps, for example.

The terminal seems destined in principle to emerging markets, but it will be interesting to see the reception in the market and if Nokia maintains this trend in the future with more devices that seek to promote the services of Nokia… for Android, this time.

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