These Apps You Must Have with on Summer Vacation

Norwegian mobile site has put together a top 3 of travel apps for your phone. Here you can see the result.

Easter is over, and once again his time goes on everyday jobs around the country.

Many Danes have probably already ordered summer journey and can therefore discern the holidays on the horizon. Mobile is everywhere, and it can be a good help on the trip, if you are installing the correct applications.

Our site has tested a number of travel apps and then appointed a top, as they recommend all travelers to take a closer look at.

Third place goes to “Tripit” (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), which makes it possible to assemble the acknowledgment messages on flight, hotel and other bookings. Number two on the list is “Translingo Voice” (iOS), which-to some extent-can translate the phrases that you send in the direction of the phone’s speaker with your voice.

First place is shared between “TripAdvisor” (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and City Guides from the ” our site” (iOS, Android). By using “TripAdvisor” you get input and reviews from a multitude of users the world over. Our site is not as excited about this part of the ” our site”, which in turn gets praise for offline maps and interface. Together they provide a first place.