These Phones Come on the Shelves in the Month of April

Get an overview of what mobile phones and tablets coming on the shelves in the stores this month.

This month is expected to offer a – perhaps two-of the year’s most anticipated top models, the precise dates for the sales start, is yet to be announced.

But HTC One, there was the users’ favourite in a poll at, anticipated to come on the market in mid-April. But it has been hit by delays and telecommunications companies have also not finally announced that they are getting it on the shelves in April.

We have previously written that the Galaxy S 4-the top model from Samsung – also came in the deal already in the course of the month of April, when several webshops has announced sales start out until the end of April. But since neither Samsung or the large telecommunications companies have announced a date out yet, it will not be to find in “These phones come on the shelves in the month of April”.