They Sell Fewer Tablets: in Q4 2015 down 11 Percent

To talk about are the numbers collected from Strategy Analytics, estimated sales of tablets for the last quarter 2015 enshrining a free fall in the sector. The trend has been the same all year, analysts had expected a boom, but “the explosion” has gone in the opposite direction:only 69.9 million units sold, 11% less than the Q4 2014 and 224.5 million for the year just ended ( -8%).

Affected were nearly all big, especially Apple, still leading with 16.1 million ipads sold in Q4 2015 which reduced sales of a quarter on the previous year (and 23.1% share according to Among the main reasons for such a flop it seems there may be a lack of innovation, and attention to Cupertino more revolt on iPhone, MacBook and Watch, not to mention the unsatisfactory sales of iPad Pro.

First there are the so-called White Box— those models made on a large scale by OEMs and then customized by individual producers who apply the final logo; are the 29.4% and have 20.5 million units sold in the last Q4 ( -7%). Third Samsung with 12.9% share and 9 million tablets sold in the period, it is also the first brand among manufacturers of Android models, but with the upcoming Tabpro\r S Korean House demonstrates all his interest for the Windows platform.

The Windows tablets are the ones that convince more in this debacle, we do not have reliable data on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, but it is true that there are many clones marketed also by closer partners, reflecting the good time for these models. The so-called 2-in-1 are by far the most popular, rose by 379 percent in 2015 and the trend for this year remains positive.It is worth noting that Lenovo is the only scoring the “+” sign, the Chinese House has sold 4 million tablets against last year’s 3.7 million (+8%).

If we look at the data in the operating systems the speech does not change: the Windows tablets increased by 59% in 2015, this leaves the ground the Q4 Android and iOS instead 7% even on 22%.