This Makes The Imminent and Economical Motorola Moto G Camera

Motorola It recently announced its return to Spain with the Motorola Moto G terminal, smartphone range mean that you fight you to you with all Chinese smartphones surge and Mediatek chips that populate this segment. In fact, it offers a great value for money.

Today has been given to know how will be the quality of picture in picture that will offer this terminal that only knew a backlit sensor technical data of 5 Mpx and a lens with Aperture f/2.4 (the same as Nexus 5). Let’s see what is capable but you already anticipate that you will surprise more than one, to be a terminal of 179 euros.

A mid-range with a camera 5 Mpx with claims

Motorola makes use of a very clear interface to handle your camera, that leverages all the diagonal of your 4.5-inch screen. We must remember that we we have a sensor 5 Mpx with Aperture f/2.4, to comparative mode, the first smartphone from Google – Nexus One – already rode a similar characteristics with a slightly smaller, f/2.8 aperture sensor, however, the evolution in quality is more than evident.

First of all we see how you can click anywhere on the screen to capture images. If you drag from the left side of the screen we see the options of the same where you can manually adjust the exposure, white balance, focus and capture format.

HDR in Moto G mode does a good job

Let’s see what such renders the camera in “difficult” situations as we show in which HDR does a great job either is the same Flash.

Flash OFF – Flash ON

And without making you wait longer Gallery of images captured with this Motorola smartphone camera and behind it we show a video that demonstrates the quality offered in 720 p thanks to a system of continuous focus and a good and smooth adjustment of the white balance. However, sins of the of most smartphones on the market: lack of stabilization.

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