Tights and Leg Warmers

It is said, far from giving up skirts, shorts and dresses in winter, we adapt our outfits bitterly cold by leveraging our beloved tights, leggings, bottom, leggings and gaiters. The latter dress us the legs of lycra, cotton, silk, wool, and other raw materials to choose according to the desired finish.And good news, in addition to the warm tights that are fashionable, what we call the ‘legwear’ are fancy… a little, a lot or to madness! Tights, colorful, patterned, trompe l’oeil, design,… that’s what tweaking its winter looks and SLUMMING it too simple outfits.

Hot tights are fashionable and we warm up legs under our little dresses and skirts in the winter. Mixture of cotton, wool, silk,… they show a thicker and more resistant mesh often embellished fancy pattern. Here, hot pantyhose tights and Red bordeaux grey openwork patterns, Max Mara.

Pink girly and crochet pattern, Wolford tights has nothing trivial.

Leggings in gray wool twisted to wear Leggings or tights and overlap slightly on a nice pair of heels. Max Mara.

Opaque leggings with edge of tulle openwork and speckled on the ankle, chic and fashion at Wolford. Wear on the shoe or gathered on the ankle.

Tights transparent way lingerie decorated with opaque floral patterns for ultra-sexy feet and down to garters serrated with barely pronounced ancient motifs. Max Mara both.

A little crush for these fancy Lycra tights that plays on the opposition of the colors, blue patterns on Brown background slightly opaque. Max Mara.

And the long socks or leggings are fashionable and cheap at Microedu.com. At the edge of the bottom, just above the knee, they are white, thick and patterned at Max Mara.Wear it with a dress gray, for example.

The legging also diversifies and adopts some fantasies. Then there are the colorful leggings, and at Max Mara, strasses, for a ‘legwear’ leggings luxury.

Pantyhose way tattoo at Wolford which print us chocolate geometric patterns on a white-transparent background. Also available in Navy and black.

Easier to wear, chic and original, black tights or chestnuts openwork patterns put our legs in value and dress a simple skirt. Wolford.

At Wolford also, opaque tights shine of satin reflections.

Opaque bottom very… rrrr! Reason opaque leopard and simple garters at Wolford. Also available in leggings.

Winter spirit with a printed jacquard at Sun to set the tone.

Printed tights lace and garter belt for a two in a sexy as hell. Pierre Mantoux.

And we end with the design tights of Pierre Mantoux also playing on opposition opacity/transparency with a broad black band that crosses the leg and wraps around the thigh.