Tips for a Healthy Family

Healthy life requires planning and organization. Important values are passed and learned by engaging the whole family in a healthy life.

Being healthy involves many aspects: diet, exercise, sleep well, emotional well-being, quality time with loved ones and so on. It’s about healthy life without “bullshit”.

Normally, when kids grow up in an environment where the entire family has a healthy lifestyle, they carry those habits for life. Diseases are avoided, you learn to enhance the quality of life, become adults more disciplined.

It is natural that, increasingly, people worry about the health and everyone involved for this lifestyle.

Healthy Parents Style Template

The best way for children to learn is by example. Children begin imitating the parents in various attitudes, behaviors. And, rather than encourage, is part. Healthy eating + stay active (exercise, games) + sleep enough are the key elements of healthy family. Nobody’s perfect and I hit all the time, but strive to be healthy sends a message that it is important for good health.

Planning and Organization

Nobody’s perfect, have time for everything is hard. Planning and organization are key to time management, which is all about healthy living. Plan the menu of the week, hours of physical activity (together or apart), work, regular hours to eat, sleep, the supermarket. Including, always make lists of healthy foods. There are many tools that can help in time management in General: Google Calendar, Toodledo, Evernote are some tools that can help in the organization of the agenda, tasks and all. This will provide more quality of life, more time with the family and healthy routine.

Colorful Dishes!

Balanced diet at all meals is one of the secrets of healthy living. When the dish is well colored, usually has all the nutrients you need. Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the season! Choose healthy snacks. Avoid soda. Keep the junk food only occasionally, in celebrations. If you have questions about the food guidance the family, look for a nutritionist to formulate a good eating plan for everyone! Over time, the healthy choices become automated and easy. Try as much as possible, make meals at home.

Eat Together (Whenever Possible)

Eating together is an important ritual for the family. When families gather to eat, times, connections are created, appreciation of family and even the simple act of eating. Turn off the TV, computer, telephone sets and enjoy the family. Make meals together is an act of love, of quality of life and healthy life. And, those moments become good memories for all.

Cooking together is also excellent! And, the kids love to eat what they helped to cook. It’s fun! And, can teach many notions of healthy lifestyle fun!

Parents in the Control of Food Choices!

What is the insight that children have to make the choice of what to eat? Decisions than eating must be done by the parents. Make sure that most of the food in your house is healthy. It is to expose their children to healthy living. This can be a bit difficult but it is possible.

Stay Active!

It’s easy nowadays to keep in front of a TV, computer, smartphone and let the kids play. It is important that all track time on these devices. Limit is important for the whole family. Create time for everyone to play. On weekends, do outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling, kite, swim, walk in the Park, or just playing hide and seek. Each person is unique. So, encourage your children to perform physical activities they love. And, all of the family need to exercise, even if they are not together during the week. It’s family fun!

Good Night’s Sleep!

Have regular hours for sleep. And, it’s worth to make reading together as a family to see that nap. Sleep is extremely important for healthy living, especially for those who have a tendency to be overweight, or obese. Sleep bit fattening! Is discipline at times. Of course once in a while there will be an exception, but the routine to sleep can be a mess.

Don’t Pamper Yourself with Food!

Something psychologically is bad is to offer food in exchange for something that the child did.Many parents act like that in Exchange for the son for lunch or dinner. Or, in exchange for good behavior. Or even to get a good grade. And, some are almost always bad for health foods, like sweets, cakes, chocolate. Think of other strategies.

Encourage! Don’t Terrorize!

No threats and curses. This is the wrong way to teach and can cause psychological damage in children. Healthy life need to win a natural proportion in life. And

No Bullshit!

It is possible to have a healthy life without excessive stiffness and stress. From time to time, can open except for a “treat”.

Has any tips especially for children? For the family? Share in the comments of the website!