Tips for Buying a Sleeping Bag

Tips for Choosing a Sleeping Bag

For right choice of sleeping bag you should know:

• In which season will benefit?

• What amount can spend?

• What insulation is filled sacks?

• What form do we prefer?

Here are some important features and tips that will help you make the right choice:

1. Temperature

The temperature field is marked every sleeping bag and shown for what climatic conditions (during the season will be used) is appropriate. The temperature of the sleeping bag and the comfort depend on the lowest temperature for which it is made.

Are these universal values? No. Everyone has a different metabolism, and not standards that are universal to all. Therefore, every manufacturer gives values ​​based on his own research. If you hesitate in selecting between two sleeping bags, not bad to choose the one that offers a little more heat than you think you need.

Temperature circuit is in degrees giving maximum comfort limit, lower limit and minimum (risk) border. Comfort zone ensures warmth and comfort. Sleeping bags can be used at lower limit without feeling cold. When the temperature shown a risk limit, there is danger of frost.

It is desirable to observe the displayed temperature lower limits on the use of a sleeping bag.

2. Feather or synthetic insulation

• Downy isolation: it is thin, fluffy layer beneath the outer feathers of geese and ducks. This natural fiber is an exceptional insulator.

Down is measured according to the amount of filler. A higher number means better insulation.


• Extreme heat with very low weight (offers exceptional value warmth-to-weight);

• Sleeping bag can be folded to the small size and lasts longer than synthetic filler.


• If wet, it can not be used until it is completely dry;

• Price is higher.

• Synthetic filling: is long strands (micro fiber), which are combined into bundles. Typically, the fibers are hollow to reduce the weight to hold more air.


• Provides insulation even when the filling is wet and dries extremely fast

• Price is lower (compared to

Downy insulation)

• Antiallergic is


• A large (takes up more space when worn)

• Heavier (filling should be harder to provide the same heat as Puhalo)

• Wear out with time

• Harder is not adhere so tightly around the body

Who Is the Right Choice for You?

Down is a good option if you do not come across often in rainy conditions. The synthetic filling sleeping bag is a good choice for beginners tourists. It is cheaper and dries faster if wet.

Down always wins in weight, foldability, warmth and durability. The price of synthetic sleeping bags, however makes them very popular. Moreover, the models are improving every year and are absolute leaders in choice, driven by price.

Standard or Extended Model?

The basic rule is: if you are taller than 180 cm, select the standard length. If you are over 180 cm, select the extended model.

3. Form

Sleeping bags are produced in three basic styles, each of which has its own advantages:

Rectangular Sleeping Bag

This is the most economical and common type. Zipper him fully opened and turns it into double sized blanket. This type is wide and is very suitable for warm weather or for use indoors. Some models have the hood on the head in cold weather. Disadvantages are: larger spaces around the torso, legs and feet mean that you will need more heat (energy respectively) to keep them warm; excess material makes the bag more big and heavy.

Sleeping Bag Type “Mummy”

Its name derives from the shape that you acquire when you enter it. It follows the curves of the body. There is very little extra air space after logging in. Zipper does not open fully to bottom, so that form tightly closed and isolated “pockets” in which to place your feet. The opening of the bag forms a well insulated hood, which uses a pull-out rubber band fits snugly around your face to keep the warm air inside. Bags “Mummy” are undoubtedly the warmest of all styles of sleeping bags. Their weight is determined by the amount and type of the used insulating material.

Cylindrical Sleeping Bag

This is the compromise between efficiency heard “Mummy” and economy of the rectangular bag. Outlines its follow those of the body, but still has a lot more space than in “The Mummy.” Also there may be tightening hood with elastic or at least a sequel that provide some protection and insulation for the head. Depending on the amount of insulation, this bag is a good choice for spring, summer and fall.