Tips for Cardigans, Shirts and Vests

In this post we will give you several tips that will be useful when carrying out a semicolon look accompanied by cardigans, sweaters and vests out site.

Let’s start with Button-Cardigans are a type of sweater that is unusual look like a buttoned jacket, being open in the front can be closed with buttons or zipper. These garments, depending on how you take it can give a formal or semi-formal appearance. They are an average, fall-spring season, but there are also models for colder climates such as the winter.

For a semiformal look like the actor of the last series of agent James Bond 007, Daniel Craig, you have the following tips:

We show two options Cardigans / Sweaters useful while giving your wardrobe a semiformal look, even fit for a business meeting to go out for a drink with friends or your girlfriend.

– The first look Carded Buttoned looks good either with a shirt or a T-shirt, ideal for the days of semifreddo fall, for any occasion where you want to fix it or presentable, you can find it here.

– Second look is a little more sober and formal, perfect for work or college, is a more adaptable to wear with buttoned up neck, similar to these shirts closed gown.

For more formal looks, here are two buttoned looks for use with or without blazer:

Ideal for use with formal shirts in a workshop and also keep it trendy and warm on these cold days. The first look can be worn without blazer, accompanied shirt with tie, can be found here . The second look can be worn with a blazer and give your look a lot more curl, we recommend it here.

For the colder days, as the winter approaches, we have two very fashionable options:

Those who like darker colors, we have the first option to warm sweater with the detail button on their left side. And who likes lighter colors, we have the second option sweater rolled up in a light gray color, with details of buttons on both sides of the neck. Super classic and stylish.

And maternity cardigan clicks