Tips for Ironing Men’s Shirts

On the blog My Shirt Man is not the first time that we will deal with the thorny issue of ironing . Indeed, for a time, it’s Mom that back this heavy task to iron your shirts. Then, if you’re lucky, it’s Mrs. will take over or you (or dry but it is far more expensive).

Tips for Ironing Men’s Shirts

The “no-iron”

To facilitate the life of the man urban, single (and returns his shirts) there are clothes that allow all men to reduce, to eliminate the chore of ironing . Unfortunately, to eradicate this chore, it must be “jusqu’boutiste” and that only invest in clothes without ironing …

A Central And Technology

We had all naturally raised the subject of the steam power plant (banish the iron!) And the technical ironing shirts with a supporting video. (Personally, I apply the method described in the video and the result is excellent.)

Yet he remains two accessories that we have not yet spoken:

  • spray humidification(required but no specific constraints)
  • ironing board(to be chosen carefully to avoid my unfortunate experience …)

The Ironing Board

Supermarkets (or brand specializing kind Purpose, Darty, Boulanger …) as everyman I think …

Except that at the end of a year of use, the board has started to rust because the steam plant delivers steam that turns to water … Who rust support the body of the board … Failed!

So I searched online a check shirt for men in better quality and I find the site that offers Brabantia ironing board specifically designed for steam power plants, 10 year warranty and are aesthetic, the colors pop!

Level price, the cheapest is 60 € in sales and more expensive than € 200. It is certain that prices are higher than in large area but this board should take you some time.

And this way, the site offers full of colorful home accessories!