Tips for Remote Access Hvr Giga Security

The Giga Security Group is one of the manufacturers that provides the greatest number of facilities to tweak your products of the electronic security segment in our opinion we will pass some tips on Giga Security HVR.

Tips for Remote Access HVR Giga Security

For those who already know the method of work of Giga knows very well that it provides several User’s Guide and documents of the type for the handling of their handsets this way happens with the hybrid recorders which are known by the abbreviations HVR.

Let’s see how simple it is to configure it to access it remotely let’s go to the step-by-step of how to configure the network interface of it.

First Step – After making the connections between the power cable and video output, after connecting the first message that appears on the screen is if you want to activate Cloud or the second option is no longer requested, check the second option and this message will not be Displayed.

Second Step – Select the drawing that looks like a gear we will access the system function of the Giga HVR, after selecting system we will access the network function of the device.

Step Three – Define the type of connection that will be used to connect the HVR to the PPOE network DHCP, Dynamic IP or Static IP camera device, notice that the Giga HVR is already pre-configured in the factory.

Tips for using the DHCP function of the HVR Giga РIf you are going to use the HVR connect to a router just select the DHCP function of the HVR that it will get the network data for you then just log off the device so that it saves The settings, now if the HVR is connected directly to a modem we have to know the network data.

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