Tips on How to Wear Leggings

Leggings are a fabulous retro trends of the 80s to make an appearance on the fashion scene today. There are a number of ways to make this work trend for you. Here are some ideas to get you started!


1 pair them with skinny jeans. This is a great way to add some color to your outfit. Remember that your legwarmers add color and texture to your outfit, so keep subtle in your choice of jeans and top. A good choice would be a dark hues pair of skinny jeans and high solid color with a fresh cut, like something on the shoulders and flashy jewelry. Finish this outfit with a pair of flat shoes (ballerinas are always a good option here) and your legwarmers to complete a fun and sassy style. You can also opt for a pair of boots with a nice, big heel something a little more sophisticated.

2 Do not wear more than one pair of leggings at once. In the 80s, people have been known to double or triple over leggings. This is not just a bad choice of style, but also one that would take until your body temperature significantly. Stick with a pair at a time to avoid making your legs more than they are.

3 Use them to add some spice to a miniskirt or a funky dress. Put this type of look you require to do the exact opposite of what you would do when pairing leggings with jeans. This time, wear a solid pair of legwarmers with a printed dress. This adds a touch of extra pizazz to your skirt or dress. Again, complete the outfit with a pair of flats or boots. High heels are another good choice, but never, ever wear leggings with sneakers advised by CLOTHESBLISS. More often than not, you end up sloppy research and juvenile instead of stylish and sophisticated if you wear sneakers.

4 Get smooth and sleek leggings. Gone are the bulky knit leggings that were so popular 20 years ago. Today leggings are made more for fashion than function. Look for light cottons and spandexes that funky look while showing off the beautiful shape of your legs. This is especially important when you pair leggings with jeans; it is not quite so important when adding pads to a set of skirt.