Tips to Pick the Best Winter Coat

Tips to pick the best winter coat. At that time that it’s very cold, the best ally to help combat it, would be a nice coat. But we know not always choose the design, color, perfect for our type of body size.

So in this post, I bring you some wonderful tips that I will tell you as dressing well warm and above all be in wave with fashion.

If you’re tall. For you best are those who give an impression of width, such as the trench. You should avoid the coats that are very long and the tight, perfect wrap for you would be one that get up to half of your legs.

Another good choice would be coats that close in a diagonal way. Try to avoid shelters carrying buttons in the center and those who have zippers, since these types of shelter you widened.

If you’re short. For Petite girls is not recommended them too long design wraps, since this design will make you look shorter. So if it is highly recommended for the Petite are three-quarter coats and that fit them. You must forget full thick and bulky coats type hip-hop, as these types of coats expand you the figure and removed you height.

If you’re chubby. Since all chubby look longer and more stylized, you must then opt for the vertical lines, the zipper and the visible topstitching. What if you should avoid as far as possible, are the horizontal lines, since they will make you look more plump, similarly you should avoid fabrics that have many prints and too big.

Another design that will give you an appearance of fluidity, is the trench, but which is broad. Cut wraps Empire are appropriate for girls who have prominent hips around some love handles, the same way is also appropriate the gabardine, but it’s not very long. Cut wraps Empire and the gabardine help conceal blemishes and unwanted forms of our body.

If you’re short-waisted. For you are perfect shelters that have cut Princess and rounded neck, which is adjusted and a little wide at the bottom. Coats carrying belt, since this type of coat afemina your figure are also highly recommended.


If you’re of wide shoulders. Women who possess a wide arms should use layers beautiful and cute ponchos, because they are items that fall on your shoulders and are responsible for rounding the back width. It is not a good idea using very tailored jackets and not garments that have shoulder pads, because they highlight to a more wide shoulders.

If you are slim and of average height. Women who are thin and of medium height, very fortunate, because they can use any light that they wish to. But, it is always important to know combine colors and wear clothes that you like most.