Top 10 Beach Hats in Vintage Style

For the season spring-summer or when go on vacation to a Beach it is necessary to keep your skin covered to protect yourself from the Sun’s rays, but modern and elegant way with any design of beach hat that goes with your style.

Polka Dot

If you like the pin-up style and love prints polka dot, can implement this type of designs in your Beach Hat, choose tones color Earth with slats in vivid colors that highlight the polka dots of the hat, for example red, black, blue and even brighter shades of spring/summer as green, pink, Orange, yellow to look stunning and trendy even on the beach.

Hat with edge upwards

These hats are very common especially the facts of straw or cotton. Ideal for summer or winter, his style lies in having the edge of the Hat flipped up, you can find them in different colors and textures, stripes are the Favorites to carry on the beach since they seem very combinable and elegant.


This hat has a resemblance to the hat that people use for fishing, with the edges toward the front to cover 100% of the Sun’s rays face, especially the part of the eye. It is a very comfortable Hat 20’s style , ideal for the beach especially in Earth colors, it is very combinable and offers sun protection you need.


The floppy hat is the most used at any time of the year, for winter you can find them in cotton in dark colors such as Brown, Navy Blue, and black, is a very combinable hat, you can use straw with ribbons of colors around the base so that combined with your daily outfit, is the favorite hat of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens.


The fedoras are hats that can not miss in the wardrobe of any woman. Ideal for any occasion and time of year; Beach you can choose elegant black and white tones, you can use it in meetings or meals and give you that touch of glamour and elegance characteristic of the fedora.


Ideal for people who make many beach activities or who like to explore different places who visit, is a Cap visor very comfortable, scoped the longer than normal to better cover the face, is ideal to combine. You can find it in beige since combining with everything.

Kentucky derby

Hat specially used for horse racing, is a type floppy Hat but much wider at the edges, the Hat kentucky covers not only the face but also to cover part of the back and shoulders, it is a very elegant hat that you can also opt to use for the beach if you want to give that special touch.


For practical women are this type of reversible hats, they have the form of a fisherman hat, is of the same material, a little thicker and are in addition to comfortable very practical, because that can be folded and easily load, is ideal for moms loading many things when they go on holiday with their children.


The traditional Hat panama is flat, long and wide, regular they are straw and colors may vary slightly, it is a traditional Hat very combinable, ideal for those looking for something different but want to be protected from the Sun’s rays. It is certainly a Hat used in the beach which features a small cord to bind to the face or hang on the back when it is not already used.


Cowboy style is always present on the beach. This type of hats can find straw or thick fabric ideal for heat stroke, is a widely used, that offer more style and versatility, is comfortable, and combines with everything, if you decide for any Hat choose style cowboy because never fails.

There are many great fun and modern styles of hats that you will not only protect Sun, if that does not allow you to be very fashionable at the beach. Choose your favorite and enjoy.