Top 3 of the Most Durable Smartphones Shock

Compare mobile, phone sales sites, specialized press… most sites in the field of smartphones do not offer at present no real comparison waterproof or shockproof smartphone. We propose to fill this gap via the top providing you with the description of some phones currently receiving a very positive response, and later offer some advice and alternatives if you are not satisfied or convinced by our mobile presentations.

Ranking resistant smartphonaes

Smartphones are by definition small fragile products that need to be made carefully. They protect the screen with plastic films purchased a fortune to avoid scratching. Load them very regularly, some of them to even be plugged in several times a day. Do not use too extensively not cause overheating. Protect with a shell in case of impact which could damage or a crack of the phone. And even without that, smartphones arrive frequently fall down. An important part of the population is subject to this problem at present. Who never had someone around you with a completely cracked screen, or using a basic mobile for years, just because its new touch phone art has not held two weeks?

Professional, large or mere handyman frequent clumsiness, many reasons you might seek a little in high impact mobile. Whether it’s a basic phone or smartphone to larger opportunities, our top includes the main phones currently deemed to be perfectly suited for use in a normally conducive to the destruction of all mobile phone hardware environment.

Our top 3-resistant smartphones

CAT S40, ideal for professionals

Looking for a rugged phone necessary for your work environment? CAT S40 smartphone is without hesitation that you need. Its exceptional strength allows it to be integrated in this ranking and to be highly recommended.

The phone Caterpillar heavy equipment manufacturer meets many important criteria for professionals or big-yourselfers:

  • Drop the phone: Yes, the S40 can resist shocks. You can abuse it as you want without repercussions, within reason.
  • Extreme temperatures: Switch from hot to cold, it is not a problem here. The mobile works without problem, having been studied in this light.
  • Ease of use: Caterpillar is well ahead the easy use of the phone, it is possible to manipulate, even with wet fingers.
  • Fully waterproof: The mobile made by totally sealed CAT can be handled under pouring rain, and keeps out the dust and other impurities.
  • 4G Compatibility: Very good point, this smartphone is the first manufacturer to offer 4G, via the Android Kitkat operating system.

Le Cross Call Trekker M1

The Trekker CrossCall M1 is one of the most impressive smartphones to its extreme impact resistance. The screen will never scratch and neither water nor dust will not hurt him. Expect to pay about 330 euros for this ultra rugged smartphone, ideal to accompany you in all your adventures. Trekker-M1 has a more elegant design with GPS, Wet Touch screen to use it in all situations, good cameras 13 and 5 megapixels to not miss your craziest activities.

Here are the highlights of the smartphone:

  • Sealing and resistance: the smartphone is completely sealed with IP67 certified (water and dust).
  • Autonomy: the powerful battery Trekker-M1 provides 20 hours of talk time and calls to 13 days standby.
  • Photography: two photo sensors are performance (13 + 5 MP MP) to not miss even moving.
  • Speed and Dual SIM: the smartphone has 4G and has a double slot for your SIM card.
  • Wet Touch: Screen 4.5-inch qHD has a very resistant glass (Gorilla Glass) and works even wet fingers.

The Moto X Force for perfection

Motorola offers a smartphone combining both strength and upscale. The manufacturer has indeed understood that autonomy and fragility were two important issues for consumers. With the Moto X Force, you will have both the performance of a high-end smartphone with an impressive battery and an unbreakable screen. Everything seems meets to attract users.

The main advantages of the Moto X Force:

  • Unbreakable screen: the ShatterShield technology provides enhanced protection for the screen 5.4 inch qHD.
  • Boosted autonomy: up to 48 hours of autonomy with a powerful battery of 3760 mAh.
  • Fast charging: enjoy TurboPower system to enjoy 13 hours of battery with 15 minutes of charging.
  • Waterproof: the device turns out to be completely sealed with a nano coating technology.
  • Photography: enjoy a 21 MP sensor for beautiful photographs.

Workaround: shells & Cases

Presented the phones can not match your expectations, and MonPetitMobile thus offers an alternative for choosing a new phone, or to continue using your current smartphone. Be aware that an alternative used by many consumers allows them to combine the smartphone they like for protection significant shocks. It is simply the shells and more elaborate protections, found on many merchant websites. Everyone knows the protective shells, avoiding cracked screens and visible impacts on the corners and back of the phone. One can also add to that a protective film for the screen, to avoid any trace of scratch and hope and subsequently sell its smartphone a good price, the product is in perfect condition. Much less known are the advanced protective cases, thicker and generally covering the entire front of the phone, its non-touch parts.

For clumsy people or having working stresses which can rapidly alter somewhat resistant smartphones, protective-cases covers can be a very satisfactory solution, enabling customers to not fall back on the only small numbers of resistant phones Shock available on the market at present, a potentiality to break the phone remains always possible.