Top Rated Insulated Mugs

When you choose to take a drink in an insulated mug, is expected to keep a certain temperature. It can prove its effectiveness and is not just a simple containing, it is important to make comparisons and to know the product. This avoids disappointing purchases. In this regard, the capacity, the material of manufacturing and maintenance come into play as criteria of choice for your purchases. If you only have little time to read one by one the products selected in our comparison of mugs insulated, we offer you to buy the isothermal Contigo West Loopmug. It boasts a perfect seal thanks to its locking AutoSeal system. Its Thermos feature works especially well. We also offer the mug Thermos 123146 T , which has excellent insulation and is able to keep the initial temperature for at least half a day.

Top Rated Insulated Mugs

Comparative table

Product Price View Comments Where to buy
EMSA 513356 TRAVEL MUG, Mug insulated closed by pressure Quick Press, 100% €23.36 Click to see! Click to see! Recommended store
Contigo Mug insulated Autoseal stainless steel cover raspberry 470 ml Stainless Steel €25.5 Click to see! Click to see! Recommended store
Contigo Byron black 590 ml insulated Travel Mug €25.44 Click to see! Click to see! Recommended store
Thermos 123146T King Tumbler Mug stainless steel blue €25.72 Click to see! Click to see! Recommended store
Bodum 11043-01 Travel Mug 0,35 L black Travel Mug Click to see! 4.1 out of 5 stars 193 Recommended store

How to choose a good insulated mug?

It is proven, the insulated mug improves life in the sense that each can carry with him the drink of their choice. However, the market offers a very large panel and so we can not know how to buy a thermos mug of a better quality/price ratio. So we have created this guide to buying the best insulated mugs to help you in your quest for mug insulated and also to tell you where to buy a new insulated mug.

Buying guide

Choose the materials with which the mug is made

Our initial advice guide you to check the quality of various materials with which the mug is made. There is its ability to retain heat or the freshness of your drinks and so do not neglect this criterion.

Currently, you have the choice between the plastic and stainless steel. If you simply want to move with your favorite drinks, whether they are hot, at room temperature or cold, build on a model plastic. Although some of them are actually able to maintain the temperature you want your drinks for at least half a day, others are simply unable to do so, but remain tight. In all cases, prefer those that are BPA free like water bottles sold on Waterbottlesshop.

On the other hand, if you need to keep the temperature of your beverage, a stainless steel model will make you happy.

Finally, regarding the cover, build on a template screwed if you have need to be reassured about the temperature of your beverage and if you have the time to really enjoy. On the other hand, if you drink on the go, opt for a snap type cover, it will facilitate you well life.

The capacity and design

The choice of the insulated mug as well as its design capacity depends entirely on your personal tastes. However, be aware that a mug of big capacity you would do fine if you are on a diet or if you particularly like drinking the beverages you prepare. In this case, build on a model whose capacity is between 450 and 500 ml. On the other hand, if you like a drink at the same time, a mug of small capacity will satisfy you. As for the sound design, it depends on you, but if you move a lot, it is important that the mug can hold in your hands and so opt for a model with a handful or a coating soft-touch would be a good idea.

Maintenance and durability in the time

Finally, before go you on a price comparison site to find a good deal, don’t forget to check in advance if you need to perform specific actions for the maintenance of your mug in the making. Hold a mug that makes life can pass without problem in the dishwasher and requires no special handling. Also, don’t forget to check the durability of the mug in time, because it is an investment and it would be unfortunate to regret in the future. To check these criteria, you can directly ask the brand of the mug managers or people who are already using it.