Top Rated LED Flashlights

Below some older LEDs names. Sometimes you can still encounter this son of LEDs, but most manufacturers have opted for newer LEDs.

Top Rated LED Flashlights

LED Osram Golden Dragon

Osram Golden Dragon is used by, among others, NiteCore lamps. LED should give a better white spectrum, but the beam posed new problems. People want flashlights that have a broad reach, so the Cree went out again the winner.

LEDs Cree XR-E Q2, Q4, Q5

They are variations of the Cree XR-E LED with a yield that is constantly improving.

LEDs Luxeon Rebel 80 en 100

Luxeon Rebel, 80 and 100 were a time competing Cree XR-E P4. However, due to quality problems (which have now been resolved), this LED never became very popular. In addition, the beam was less accurate than those of Cree LED flashlights listed on GaryFlashlights.


SSC P7 LED which consisted of four diodes.



SSC P4 Seoul Semi Conductors was similar to the Cree XR-E 7090 and even contained the same diode.However, the beam was the best variant Cree and SSC P4 remained less popular.


LED Cree XR-E P4

The Cree CR-E P4 was, in 2007, a breakthrough in the field of high-power LEDs. By applying new technology, performance has doubled. This gave an LED 3 Watt to 130 lumens and, therefore, more than 2 times the power of Luxeon III!

Luxeon V LED

The Luxeon V LED was a LED 5 watts which consisted of 4 diodes, such as the Cree MC-E. The Luxeon delivered 100 lumens for a power consumption of 5 Watts.

LED Luxeon III

The Luxeon 3 was one of the first true LED’s on high. In 2004, the LED 3 Watt provides a light output of 60 lumens, which was so spectacular! The LEDs of the Luxeon 3 provided a huge amount of heat.