Toys for Babies Over 1 Year Old

Toys play an important role in the child’s life-by those he met with the world. It is important that the attributes of the games are appropriate for their age. Only in this case they will benefit. Keep in mind what do toys a child aged 1 to 2 years.

Toys for Babies Over 1 Year Old

age 1-1.5 years

Related shaped toys. Children 12-18 months should be offered dolls and animal toys that are made of soft materials with different textures and colors. For the development of the tactile perception of the baby is good to play smooth, fluffy, plastic, fabric, wood items. Such toys can be made with their own hands shell. It is important that the color of the toy-animals corresponds to the real. Pink or blue rabbits puppy distort children’s perceptions of these animals. The size of toys for children of this age. 15-30 cm Many children sounding like dolls or animals.

self-learning or autodidact toys. These conditions trainers are called to see the pyramids, cutting, simple cubes. These game objects themselves suggest your child how to deal with them. To play them, may
You must relate the shape, size or placement of its individual parts. The easiest is to use blocks. Initially, the child can only throw or put in a box. Then you can show them how to build houses and towers.

toys that show common items. After a year of a child’s need to form the first manipulative-playing ability. To do this, use the toys as they depict famous everyday objects. This is primarily a toy tableware-plates, cups, forks, spoons. In addition, the good kids furniture bed, table, Chair. It is desirable that a toy furniture was comfortable to sit and stacking toys.

developing great games . These include collections by designers with great parts, putting building large and medium. Besides the fact that these toys develop your child’s motor skills, they form their idea about the sizes, shapes and designs.

Tech toys . It is quite a large assortment of toys that enhance walking and motor skills of the child. Primarily these include cars of various types and sizes, toy prams and buggies, the car with a seat for the child scrolling.

Age 1.5-2 years

Dolls. important requirement for dolls for children in this age-they must be like the man with the necks, fingers and toes, the hair on his head. A great choice-a doll made of soft plastic or cloth (it can be done by hand), painted with large eyes.

Figures of animals, fruits, vegetables. Ideal Toy size 7-15 cm, United by a common theme, for example. wild animals, fruits.

Toys for playing with sand and water . This can be a set of games in the bath, floating toys (fish, ducks, Zhabko), bottles and cups, molds for sand of different sizes, bucket, shovel, rake and sil.