Toys for Child Development Stages

Baby is here, now preparing for the onslaught of toys! They’ll come from anywhere family, friends and indeed grandparents. You will also add to the collection. There are teddy bears and teething rings that will fade into blocks and baby dolls. Soon, tricycles and goods vehicles will give way to Playstations and Xboxes. What is a parent to do? What do you need to do to ensure your child’s safety, fun and growth? In fact, every parent asks, what is the best toy for my child? A safe ToyWe are a global society and toy manufacturers have not universal security standards so you will have to inspect every toy for your child’s protection. Check for loose parts, stability in moving parts, and type of paint-lead paints are hazardous. Go online check for recalls. If the toy is previously owned, be vigilant control of safety records. Check for burning and swallowing hazard. A age appropriate ToyYour children need a toy that will help him in his development process. A toy which also put forward is likely to frustrate him. If it is too simple that it will not challenge him. Simply put, a ten-piece puzzle will please the three years old and gave birth to seven years old. The 100-50 piece jigsaw puzzle will challenge the small apartment and the seven-year-old and three-year-old agitating. A varied toy like never before we live in a high-tech world and toys reflecting society. While the computer-driven toys and games is good does not discount the imagination-powered toys. Action figures and baby dolls encourage the growth of a child’s imagination. Arts and crafts objects allows a child to show off his creativity. Musical instruments gives a glimpse of your child’s natural talent. An on-the-go ToySo often our children are in places that noise is a no-no. But they must still be occupied. Do not forget to include in your child’s cache of toys “quiet toys.” Have books, puzzles, non wood, crayons, paper and molding clay on at these times. They also aid in the development of imagination and creativity. A Teaching Toy From birth your child is to gather information and knowledge with a speed that can compete and surpass all computers are built. Select a toy that will aid in her learning process. Remember to match the toy to their academic level. Also keep in mind that creativity and talent into play. Select a toy that will satisfy your child’s curiosity and desire. If she likes to Cook, pots, pans and food play. If she demonstrates a desire to build things, a construction set. Pay attention to your child’s gifts and talents and nurture them. be aware, can the toy you choose today to be a precursor to the career she chooses tomorrow! As a parent you love your children and want to see them grow and develop into bright, happy, successful individuals. Choose toys with this goal in mind will guarantee their safety, fun, and their prolific growth and development art by: Felicity Lightbody.