Toys for Disabled Child

Children with disabilities like to play exactly like everyone else. They don’t need to force toys designed specifically for them, but they can safely use the classic games (albeit with some caution in addition by parents).

There are also a whole range of toys designed specifically for certain categories of disability, aimed not only to entertain the child but also to help him develop his sensory abilities and mental performances.

Specific toys for visual impairments
For children with visual disabilities, it is crucial to be able to stimulate the use of hearing and touch. Sensory stimulation is encouraged by all those toys made with special materials (wood, metal, soft plastic, fabric). As for the sound aspect of the game, are to be considered valid, all products that produce a sound by pressing a key on your keyboard or the shaking of the game itself.

Hearing specific toys
In the case of a partial or total deafness or hearing impairment, it is vital to train the child to communication through interactive toys. Most children suffering from hearing disabilities also presents several difficulties in movement and coordination. Through toys that stimulate the movement you can help the child to acquire a sense of balance and moving with more confidence.

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Physical and motor disability-specific toys
Children with a disability or physical disability often need to resort to tools that enable them to move or perform certain actions. The game can help them accept their diversity, helping them feel less different than their peers. In order to play and experiment with confidence, children with physical disabilities must have at their disposal a space equipped with rugs and cushions that can move without barriers. All the toys that stimulate the movement are suitable for a child suffering from motor disabilities, particularly those specific to its particular needs.

Specific disabilities and mental toys
Children with intellectual disabilities or mental capabilities are often keen to the outside world. Stimulate them through the game is definitely one of the best means to help them be more autonomous and develop their skills. There are many classic toys with which children can play, especially multiplayer games activities that produce light and sound and with whom you can interact directly. However, among the products created specifically for children with intellectual disabilities, we can find different tactile games, soft plastic or fabric toy books and all those products that stimulate the symbolic game, through which learn the gestures of everyday life.

Language disability-specific toys 
Children with language disabilities are not only those who do not have the use of the word, but also all those kids that have delayed speech development. There are a number of dedicated to this disability, educational toys designed to stimulate the child to use the voice and speech through fun and engaging games. Some examples are the cards depicting images and designs to match the corresponding word, interactive games that read aloud the written words etc. These toys may also be used by all those children who have an attention disorder, and therefore tend to be hyperactive and devote little attention to a single toy.

Specific toys for Down syndrome
Children with Down syndrome or other genetic disabilities have difficulties in various fields. To help you in the game, you have created a line of toys for their possible issues which consists of bright, emotional, educational games and movement.

How to choose a toy for a child with disabilities
Among the aisles of the supermarket is hard pressed to find a toy that would be suitable for a disabled child. Much better to rely on a store specializing in toys but, in most cases, has within its product range specific to the disability. For some years it can be found on different web sites that offer the sale of toys for children with disabilities. The first one to open in Italy was blue bear, a virtual store that allows you to choose between different types of products on the basis of different form of disability of reference, depending on the tastes of the child and by topic area (writing, reading, manipulation, etc.).

The products are 100% safe, all colorful and plentiful and there is also the opportunity to buy gift cards, a great solution if you need to make a gift but is not familiar with the products designed for disability.