Tried to Smuggle 94 iPhones into China

A man was stopped at customs in China when he tried bringing 94 iPhones wallpaper for his body.

The iPhones are popular at most, but in China, Apple’s products so sought after that they plainly have been smuggled into the country, and this despite the fact that the products are officially available in Chinese shops.

The other day a man was detained at customs in a Chinese airport as he traveled inland from Hong Kong, writes The Verge.

Customs officials noted that the man was extremely tense and had a strange gait, why he was the subject of a detailed study.

To their surprise they found 94 iPhones that were fixed to the man’s body wallpaper. The phones were seized, and out from the enlightened, is the method often been used, when smugglers trying to smuggling stolen phones to the Asian market.