Triumph Swimwear

Here are the images of the catalog Triumph bathing costumes for the summer 2011, a collection that as already we had anticipated you, focuses on different inspirations, so the grounds and the fantasies that you will find on each product are different, adhering to the most fashion trends the moment that reward the vibrant colors, the combinations in color block, floral motifs and the inevitable animal, for a series of coordinated many variations to suit all tastes and in many forms, from bikinis to band costumes, from whole to triangles, guardiamoli together.

We have already had a quick look at the Triumph costumes summer 2011, but the images of the catalog will make you discover many new really interesting costumes. Then there is a lot of competition in the industry, we have already seen as Miss Sixty and Killah we have been successful this year as well, and thedressexplorer, the field of swimwear must inevitably be up to date and glamor, right? the models you will find in the gallery images include both one-piece swimsuits with solid fantasy, both colored patterns with very nice exotic print.Among the bikinis are the different triangles or the cups push up in black but also in brighter colors like blue, slip band or tie, as you prefer.

Beautiful are coordinated by the more youthful cut as triangles, minitriangoli and the band costumes in warm colors such as red and green forest shades next to variants with more romantic floral fantasy. What do you think?