Trout Fishing Techniques

The trout fishing is one of the most practiced fishery in France. The trout is a freshwater fish that are found in most of the rivers French cool and well-oxygenated, but also in smaller streams, torrents and even in the Lakes, provided that the temperature of the water does not long bar of 18-20 ° c. Several varieties exist, but all have a common a fusiform body, the dress is different and can be very variable depending on the rivers if the strains are Aboriginal. Trout are fish that are often between 25 and 40 cm, for weights ranging from 300 g to 500 g, but there are some specimens reaching up to 1 meter. Above a certain size, also called these the becards fish since their jaw forms a beak. More fish is old and large, more this beak is visible. The trout is a carnivorous fish that will eat worms, molluscs, larvae and other small fish. The trout will happen again from October to January, on small gravel benches often found in the upstream areas of rivers, but that trout fishing is prohibited at this time of the year and don’t start again until March. If you want more information on trout, you can see the article on the presentation of this fish that is trout.

Trout fishing techniques

Some basic tips for trout fishing

Start by knowing a few basics to trout fishing. There just fish and adapt to the mood of the fish. This is why the fly fishing and fishing at the toc are techniques that allow to easily adapt to the conditions at the time. While fishing the trout at the toc for example, it is possible to fish the worm, and if the day looks bad, then it is possible to try the trout with a moth or a wood door. Vary the bait allows you to find the time fishing, because as with humans, the trout has its small preferences as long as it will take you to find.There are also adapting to the multitude of parameters that make up the River, season, altitude, depth of stations, weather, fishing pressure, etc. It is by combining these factors that one is able to fish at best, and so more able to do the difference compared to other fishermen. Sometimes it is better to do 1 hour drive to fish a small river where you’re practically alone to be the fifteenth in the River next to you! Esche, should give an outline, it is best to fish for trout in the earthworm during periods of rain, during large outbreaks, the patache are an excellent bait. When the waters are strong in the fall and spring, the trout lures and minnows handled with good results and when waters are low and clear, door-wood will be inevitable. When the waters are well heated by the Sun, you can also fish for trout with natural bait in the summer with for instance locusts that will crack the trout. You will find more Tips for trout fishing in this article explaining the basics. If the river you want is populated only by wild trout, their fishing may be a little more specific and requires some additional information you will find in the article dedicated to the wild trout fishing.

The bases for trout fishing lures

If you want to trout fishing lures, it is possible to practice all year but good times are in the spring and fall when the waters are strong. Depending on the season and the power of the current, then need to explored the common trout outfit posts: branches, rocks, roots, hollow banks or beaches of sand and pebbles. Your lures are to evolve in this habitat, to be close to the location of the trout because they will not move if it requires too much energy, especially when the current is supported. Lures to use are decoys of close enough colors to the color of the water, natural colours being safe values. Regarding the size, must be closer to the size of the fish fodder of the River to provide a decoy that is close to what she used to eat trout. On the other hand, sometimes it is good to make an exception by offering a bite size, or using a lure with a color more flashy, it can decide the fish! Hardware, just take a rod of power 3-12g, if possible with a tip action to be able to fish effectively with a nylon colored 14/100-18 / 100th. Add to that a spike in fluorocarbon to ensure discretion and you have a basis for trout fishing lures in multiple conditions. If you want more details, you can read this article on trout fishing lures. If you are already familiar with this kind of fishing, you can experience this article dealing specifically with the trout fishing lures hard sinking, or flowing, a technical and highly effective fishing!

Start fishing for trout fly-fishing

The trout fly fishing is not practiced in all France, the technique of the fly-fishing being quite difficult to acquire for a beginner. If you have the opportunity, and it a great idea that is to be guided by a fisherman experienced, or better still, a guide to fishing who will then teach you good movement to practice the whip without getting tired and with good accuracy. There are several techniques of first fishing dry fly fishing. This technique is to provide a surface fly, it is the easiest technique because it allows to see what insects eat the fish. Then there’s the nymph fly fishing, which involves proposing a larval imitation in line with what eat trout. Then fishing drowned fly, which is a mix of first two techniques, and finally the streamer, a fishing heavy that could be likened to fishing lures with large flies. The ideal is to start in a river of twenty meters, while fishing in nymph to view if the waters are quite clear, otherwise you can track dry fly trout in borders or fishing trout in nymph to the wire in the currents. For more details and information, you can read this article on the basics of the fishing of the trout fly.

The techniques of trout fishing for insiders

Fishing for trout at the kneaded Minnow

Fishing for trout at the kneaded Minnow is a very effective technique. To fish effectively, bring a resonant rod, length from 2.1 m to 3. 3 m for a power of 5 to 20 g. On the great rivers of exception, we can move towards more powerful canes 10-40 g see 10-60 g. Side reel, a size between 1500 and 3000 are perfect to balance these rods. The reel is stocked with colorful monofilament between 14 and 26/100th according to the strength of the current of the obstacles and the size of the trout in the river. We’re going to fish for trout in the Minnow handled with 2 types of mounts mainly: frames with an internal leaded as the mount Sculling, the nail or the mount Arielle. You can also fish the trout with a mount to external leaded as the mount Drachkovitch, the Gypsy or even the Donzette. You can discover this technique in more detail in this article on the trout fishing in the Minnow handled.

The trout at the toc

The trout at the toc is certainly the most practiced freshwater fishing in AndrewFishing. This natural bait fishing can be done in the earthworm, a classic since it is very fragrant and works well throughout the year, with still better performance when the waters are coloured by recent rains. When the season progresses, we can practice also at the door-wood or still fishing for trout at the toc to ringworm. There are even still more attractive mummified moths for trout. When you go fishing at the toc, always plan to have at least two different baits to adapt to the conditions of the day, trout often has a couple of sliced food preferences. Use a good Mount for fishing for trout at the toc, to keep in mind to have a bottom line that will roll down, without cling too. It will so choose good leaded to reach this ideal, using pellets of size 2 to 7 at the beginning of the season while 10 numbers will be used in times of low water, when the water levels are low and that the current is low. The principle of the trout at the toc is presenting the bait, not at the current speed, but by retaining the most possible installation in the area for the attack of the trout. Material level, the choice of the cane to fish at the toc is to a tele-reglable Rod ranging from 3 m to 7 m with a significant number of rings. This will allow you to fish effectively in stream and large river without getting too tired. Some fishermen may even use English, fishing rods while others, those practicing in crowded environments will prefer in inner wire rods. Side reel, fixed drum or turning point, is the choice of each, the reel having not really impact he is little called out of combat with the fish. You can fish for trout at the toc with a diameter of 16 to 20/100 against the cold of the opening and fish out quickly of water, with a bottom line in 12/100 to 18/100 according to the fishing conditions, but this time this colorless to not scare the fish. If you want further explanations, you can find in the article on trout fishing at the toc.