Trunk Recycling

We can make the decoration with paper in an old trunk that we have at home. It is a good idea, since we can you reuse materials and serves as a decoration at the same time.


  • Old trunk
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Brushes
  • Stickers, dried flowers, etc.To decorate.
  • Permanent ink markers.


  1. we take the trunk measures and cut the paper.
  2. we are sticking it little by little to the trunk using glue and spreading well with a brush.
  3. we can use Paint to make it more eye-catching or to fix the areas that had been wrong.
  4. if you want to decorate the box with dried flowers, paste them when dry glue, layer more about flowers so that these will not delaminate.Be sure to dry thoroughly before, you can place them in a book for a few days or in the Sun.

Now have more original options to decorate your old things, and give them better use, even to be given away, look particularly well with your other decorations.