Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are undoubtedly one of the few supplements, thanks to which we can safely distinguish male “experts” from ordinary people. Jeans experts have no idea that something like this exists. It is such an understated yet elegant complement to the specific wearing that one simply must confess.

Cufflinks earlier today

The history of cufflinks begins in the Middle Ages. Its predecessor – cuffed cord, adorned the wrists of men and was a symbol of a certain social status. Cufflinks were in different obdobách persistent complement a man’s wardrobe for almost eight centuries.

Currently cufflinks complement the super-men who knows how to take positions in companies. The importance of this small complement of men’s suit is experiencing a renaissance. There is no exception that one man used during the day and several cufflinks for different occasions.

Cuff links are a good way to attract business partner, and ladies on the evening ball.

Choosing and buying cufflinks

Choose cufflinks is similarly complex process such as the selection of ties or watches. Not only the situation that you want cufflinks dress, but also on your particular style and that of havajsky. It is highly advisable to get a cuff for different occasions and not be confined to just one universal. Of course, it is nonsense to have one of 10 different shirt and cufflinks.

Emphasis should be placed mainly on materials and manufacturing quality, and not least on the appearance of the whole. We must not forget that accessories such as cufflinks themselves much we can say. For example, bright red accessories, nonconformist shirts and similar excesses may indicate some rebellion, but everything in moderation!

Types of cufflinks


Cufflinks, metal, precision processed with great attention to detail. If someone talks about talks cuff link in most cases it is about this type.

Double button

Double knob coupled chain is simpler, less ornate and usually lenvější variant for Cuff Links.

Silk knots

Silk (or other good) “substitute” cufflinks from solid materials is often considered to be more luxurious variant of this supplement. These are precisely processed knots of precious fabrics that fully replace the function of the collar button.

This article was created in collaboration with specialized business El4el.eu, which is a supplier of luxury cufflinks.