Types of Maternity Underwear

No panic, everything’s fine

Types of Maternity Underwear

Slowly, you will return to your ideal weight (or not d elsewhere), you will reclaim this new body of mother.

No question here to talk plans, others do it very well, but rather clothing.

Hey Yes, whilst trying to get the pants ‘ d ‘ front ‘ and out her wardrobe, we still need to clothe. And if at first it réenfile the old pregnancy jeans, as time passes and more we want us slide into real clothing, well cut and designed for people without énooooorme belly.

In short, how I get dressed after a pregnancy? I put what post-delivery?

How not to l ‘ air d a bag? And, where find correct clothes that aren’t too cheap since they are not supposed to be placed for a long time. These are what’s called passage clothing, clothing of transition. So, I put what?

Let’s start with the lingerie:

Side panties

Of course, it will probably wear a size or two above your waist in front. It is not serious and do not base in tears when buying panties XL regardless, c is d ‘ be good in his slip (c ‘ is the case to say) especially after childbirth.

Anyway, I prefer panties cotton panties in your size that you can find in retailers such as H & M or Etam Lingerie.

The prices are not outrageous, and you already feel better. You can also opt for a pair of type ‘flat belly’ like one boob sold on the site stir turmoil which, even if she will hide all your small bead, will have at least deserves to smooth out it a little.

Side bra

If you are breastfeeding, look on the side of the Bras d ‘ breastfeeding, c ‘ is more convenient especially if you have large breasts.

Night, just one good basic like an Anita for example, without frame, or even a tank top with maintaining such as proposed on the site of Mamanana.

During the day, choose a comfortable bra but separates of the breasts to make you a nice figure.

To buy a bra, well often, selection is online, because there is little pretty patterns in trade.

Precisely measure to l using a tape measure and get help if necessary by l proposed by many sites online help.

Side pants

Gulp. This is the most difficult to find. Too tight at the waist and wide thighs, too low cut for the buoy that exceeds, it’ll never.

Moreover when trying a pants shopping spree, eventually rest all that had been taken in the cabin the tears in the eyes by saying “no, really not okay.”

And actually, c ‘ is a delicate operation to attempt the pants after a pregnancy. As a first step, I can only advise you to pregnancy stretch jeans in the belly (not with the large ventral band but with little of course) history of not too depressed.

If you saturate pregnancy jeans, feel free to go into stores where the jeans are not super expensive and fall for lesser quality but jeans that go you about.

Kiabi, Promod, H & M, all these brands offer pregnancy sweatpants at affordable prices through BESTAAH. Ditto d elsewhere for pants. Great option c is the pants that is not pregnancy but which is elastic to the size, as was the sweatpants of linen for l. The best found for you is on the Mark & Spencer website and available in different lengths.

Side skirts

The skirt could be an excellent equivalent to the pants. Worn with opaque tights in the winter, it can be long or semi-long on sunny days.

Avoid of course if it is tiny, but it can hide a few curves. Seen this month for example small skirts to the waist very well cut in Promod for 15 euros.

Side leggings

The leggings that saves you a silhouette to condition d ‘ be careful.

We avoid the sequined Leggings or ribbed leggings, it’s a little too much on the curves.

On the other hand, n ‘ not hesitate to invest in black or coloured leggings (for l was) avoiding the neon, of course.

Worn under a dress or long tunic, they refine the silhouette but especially can be worn with a bit of belly since they have an elastic waist.

Alternatively, you can fall for the leggings flat stomach from Seraphine which helps to feel a little more slender!