Types of Umbrellas

Modern umbrella-is not only the “ceiling” that saves us from the rain or a stylish accessory, but a mechanical or automatic design. So as not to get lost in a huge variety of different umbrellas? Let us learn how to choose them competently.

Types of umbrellas
All the umbrellas can be divided into four types: umbrella-cane, umbrella, 2 3 and 4 mounting. Each can be automatic or semi-automatic.

Umbrella 4 Assembly
These umbrellas are good that they are practical, lightweight and compact when folded. But they’re not entirely comfortable small dome-the length of the spokes (and this is measured by the size of the umbrellas as a cheap furniture) 52 or 54 cm. This dome is not completely protects the human body and head over there if you keep in a dry, one arm still probably pat. But in order to preserve the fundamental quality of umbrellas-compactness optimum width of the dome, unfortunately does not increase.

Umbrella 3 Assembly 
This umbrella is the most practical, so he can be pretty big dome-58 cm (male models range to 70 cm). But if such an umbrella fold, it is much less compact and authentic “chetыrehslozhennoho.” But it is this type of umbrella is at the top of popularity among the clients the most practical, robust and professional umbrella under scenario a “ukrыvystыy.” With the umbrella dry rstanutsya not just head and shoulders, but the pants, of course, if you don’t jump in puddles. In short, it can protect against rain.

Umbrella 2 addition.
They are not very comfortable (not appropriate). Their advantage-low cost. Really expensive-with suitable modern fabrics and frames-and they do not. Today the umbrella in two Assembly-variety of cheap goods, the so-called same umbrella made in this price options.

They can be made of wood and metal rod, may opened the dome of the umbrella both mechanically and automatically. Traditional classic umbrella-cane, of course, be with a wooden rod with a wooden handle the same handset. Most customers still prefer a proven alternative. In today’s easy-to-find classics and elegant style tech cane, aluminium poles and handles with bright and shiny domes. This cane any way Cover securely host the rain, because they have larger dome. In addition, umbrellas, canes put always in style for both men and women, to successfully complete all the classic costume. Even umbrellas, sticks extremely reliable, they are not as convenient-when there is no rain, becomes unnecessary load, because nowhere does not fit and all day people must hold it in your hand, unable to hide a bag or Briefcase.

The simpler the design, the umbrella stronger-it is an axiom. For example, in an umbrella-cane rod is designed as an integrated design and it is much harder to crack than the rod with two, three or four are from each other sections. Opening the cane is only through the spring and retainer, and the entire kinetic system focused outside. Umbrellas, canes so durable as perhaps above all in saving the building still preserved vintage umbrellas, walking sticks that work so far and nothing is done for them.

Mechanics and machine?
Modern umbrella makers, undoubtedly comfortable mechanically. Enough to imagine that jump off the bus in torrential rain with a bag in one hand. To reveal the mechanical umbrella, you must stop and put the bag already promoknuvshy, two hands reveal it. Umbrella makers such manipulation requires, on the go, you just push a button and save the shelter. The conventional wisdom is that the reliable mechanical machines. But the mechanical stability of the machine, and today nearly equal. In General, umbrella-technology machines worked so that an error in the opening and closing mechanism the system is rare, especially if you have purchased a reliable quality overall mark.

And where’s the guarantee?
Quality assurance can reap only of umbrellas that are sold in stores and on the label, specify the information postavyschyke. Unfortunately bolshyntynstvo vendors really can’t perform warranty service. In addition, the warranty on the label is not always consistent with real guarantee. Repair foreign umbrella are very difficult due to the often missing parts in our workshops. Well, if it’s just to swap pins or rivets. A remediation system to open and close the dome never carried out due to the complexity, lack of spare parts and necessary equipment.