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The Ultralight Insulated insulation is a Sea To Summit, an Australian company that produces outdoor products, being internationally known for producing high quality and innovation. The brand came to Brazil in 2003 and, since then, offers incredible items — some dignity revolutionaries — for hikers and lovers of outdoor trip.

Ultralight inflatable Insulated insulation is one of the major stakes of the Sea To Summit – with thermal insulation for cold environments. The product stands out for having small independent air chambers, that is, works as a sort of Spring mattress via EningBo, offering comfort and high performance in cold regions.

Insulation Ultralight Insulated

Manufacturer’s description:

The line of thermal insulation UltraLight from Sea to Summit is built with a layer of Air Sprung cells of medium size, weight and minimum sizes, without compromising the comfort.

The Insulated version also has extra thermal insulation consisting of an inner layer of Platinum Exkin, extra fine material with metallic surface to reflect the heat radiated by the body, and filling with ThermoLitesynthetic fiber, which ensures maximum insulation.

Made of Ripstop Nylon 40 d, this inflatable insulator has the perfect balance between weight, durability and power. That’s because it takes also a layer of Platinum Exkin ® and Thermolite ®, both materials that increase retention and reflection of body heat, making this a great insulator option also to Andean mountain-climbing and camping in areas of extreme cold.

Its format for the cell, as well as being very comfortable to sleep, also allows the insulation has a height of 5 cm, far superior to those available in the Brazilian market.

The Test of Ultralight Insulated Insulation

The Ultralight Insulated insulation was constantly used in the last 12 months, being put to the test in wild here in Brazil and campsites in Andean regions–especially in long sailings —, being exhibited at maximum elevation of 4,500 m.

The product was only used in tent, therefore, was not subject to bivaques. The Ultralight was transported in Insulated cargo bag, without any contact with moisture.

The 40 d Ripstop nylon fabric proved to be tough and durable in all surfaces, even when kneeling directly on it.

Ease of Use

The UltraLight Insulated handling is very simple. Totally intuitive. For the filling, works best with a bomb bag or with a watertight bag (both from Sea To Summit), that have the adapter to docking on thermal insulator. As present in the video, I use the Jet Stream Pump, filling the UltraLight Insulated in about two minutes. The valve is versatile and has, in fact, 3 basic functions: inflates, empty and adjust the filling level.

Filling your mouth it is not recommended to send the proliferation of bacteria and, consequently, to increase service life of the UltraLight Insulated insulation.

Continue reading, but learn more about the two pumps UltraLight Insulated filling, both have 2:00 pm function 1.

Watertight Bag Air Stream – Sea To Summit

Bag Organizer Jet Stream Pump-Sea To Summit


The thermal insulation Ultralight Insulted has fabric (Exkin Platinum) and isolation (Thermolite) combined to prevent heat loss. It also has 5 cm thickness that ensures maximum comfort and protection from the cold. And, as I mentioned above, has an easy handling for filling and emptying.

Length: 183 cm

Width: 55 cm

Height: 5 cm

Weight: 480 g

Packed Size: 10 cm x 23 cm

Material: 70 d nylon (polyamide)

Color: Orange

Good Points

Large surface area (55 cm x 183 cm);

Easy handling;

High insulation power;

Flexible and durable;

Comes with repair kit.

Negative Points

Not included in the filling pump.

Final Impressions

In General, the UltraLight fully answered your Insulated purpose. It is resistant and insulate with excellence. It’s not so light, has 480, but don’t consider it as a negative point (considering all the technology of the equipment). Is an insulator that meets all the environments of South America and rest of the world, being perfectly suitable for high and medium altitude mountains, but they can be perfectly used in all environments and camps.

In my opinion, the cell format is the big difference. The insulation reaches 5 cm in height, making it a very comfortable product.

Consider the UltraLight equipment for those who already Insulated is engaged and with some experience in the outdoor medium.

Filling and emptying valves.

Where to Buy

The Ultralight Insulated Insulation is found at most of the mountaineering segment. The product has the approximate cost of 650.00 R$. Therefore, it can be found in the high mountains and in other shops of the segment.

The product has been purchased by the author of the blog. The opinion cited here is personal and sincere, without any interference of the brand. This warning represents our commitment and transparency before your opinion.

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